Phoenix Fashion Week – Day 2

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Phoenix Fashion Week – Day 2

Tonight was all about spending time with my daughter, and supporting my fellow FORD/RBA models walking the runway. I walked in a fashion show earlier today, so it was great to spend quality time with my daughter as well as Charles Alexander of Imago Style – the man who makes all the men of Arizona look dapper. Day 2 of Phoenix Fashion Week was a fantastic collection of clothes – worn by the most gorgeous girls.

As a mom, it’s easy for us create busy lives that focus only on your family and your community. But let’s not forget about you. It’s important for you to dress up every now and then and pursue your passions. My passion is classic, wearable, fashion. And I feel it’s important to create EXPERIENCES with your family. Do something together where you are sharing a common interest. Although my daughter and have polar opposite style aesthetics, we both love the pursuit of a bargain, and feeling beautiful from the inside…out. We need to do stuff together more often – just the two of us.

I hope you make more opportunities to share your passions with your family and friends. Enjoy!

Skirt: Juju’s Tutus
Shirt: Cynthia Rowley (on sale at Marshals)
Shoes: Gucci (I just bought these from a private consigner, but find more styles here)
Purse: YSL

Phoenix Fashion Week – Day 1

IMG_4522 IMG_4501 IMG_4463 IMG_4524 IMG_9931

With Cynthia Sassi of

With Cynthia Sassi of

Phoenix Fashion Week – Day 1

Such a fantastic night! My friend Gina Salazar, co-host of “Your Life A to Z,” invited me to sit with her front row so we could watch 4 emerging designers and 4 established designers showcase their latest collections. We loved it!! Spending time with friends (and having an excuse to get glammed up) is what fills my cup. Also got to say hi to several friends including Fabulous Arizona’s Cynthia Sassi.

Dress: Vintage, Fashion by Robert Black
Shoes: DSW – on sale!
Purse: Jimmy Choo “Raine” Convertible Glitter Clutch – shop similar styles here
Toenail Polish: OPI – “pinking of you”

Date Night

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Date Night

It’s not very often that hubby and I get a solo date night (we love to go on double dates with our friends). So when we get an opportunity to go out, just the two of us, it’s a real treat!  I especially love dressing in feminine and flirty fabrics, like chiffon. This dress is so great, I bought it in 4 colors (a common theme in my closet when something is really fabulous….and on sale).

Dress: asos – similar style here
Jewelry: Kendra Scott
Shoes: Touch Ups (what pageant girls like to wear with swimsuit because they match most skin tones so beautifully)

Off The Shoulder LBD

Off the shoulder dress Off the shoulder dress IMG_3900 IMG_3905 IMG_3952


Off the Shoulder Little Black Dress

I bought this cute, off the shoulder, little black dress for $15 from  I love it so much I bought 6 more….in 4 colors.
Arizona is year-round flip flop weather, but I wanted to make this bargain dress look a little dressier so I paired it with Vince Camuto ballet flats from DSW, and a classic red, YSL purse (wearing it without the tassel…..because I accidentally threw the tassel away….long story that involves dumpster diving and realizing the trash truck left with it 45 minutes earlier).

Dress:  asos – similar style here
Lipstick: Guerlain – Rouge Automatique 120
Sunglasses: YSL 6350/S Sunglasses – Dark Havana
Purse: YSL

Red, White and Blue

IMG_4072 IMG_4083 IMG_4111 IMG_4078


Red, White and Blue

In honor of all those that have served and who are currently serving in the armed forces. Warmest thanks for all you do!

In your honor I’m wearing red, white and blue for you.
Dress: asos – On sale!
Hat: Magid Hat – find something similar here
Sunglasses: YSL 6350/S Sunglasses – Dark Havana
Shoes: M by Michael Antonio – DSW – find something similar here

How to Spend $11 on a $350 Evening Gown

Yellow gown from SaksMoney is a taboo topic and something I normally don’t talk about. But I’m a BARGAIN shopping lover. And as someone who had very little growing up I love finding ways to stretch a dollar.

For example I bought this gorgeous $350 dress from Saks 5th Avenue for $11. Yep, ELEVEN DOLLARS! How? Easy.

1. Get a credit card that gives you points for every dollar you spend (and triple points on all-the-time purchases like groceries and gas).

2. Use this card INSTEAD of your debit card. Use it to pay your electricity, internet, travel, food, whatever you can use a “credit card” to purchase, do it. ***This is not a way to get into debt. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. Think of this as something you use instead of a check.

3. Pay your credit card bill IN FULL every 2-4 weeks. Many credit card companies have an automatic withdrawal system that comes straight out of your checking account so you don’t even have to think about it.

4. Every 6-12 months redeem your points for FREE Visa/MC/AMEX gift cards. The higher the amount of the gift card, the fewer points you’ll use. So I like to get gift cards in $50-$100 increments.

5. Shop when things are on sale. Saks was having a 40% off all evening gowns sale.

6. Use your $100 Visa/MC/AMEX gift cards instead of your credit card.

After using my $200 gift cards, the balance I had to pay out-of-pocket for the this gorgeous $350 gown was only $11.

Photo credit: Kristin Heggli Valley Ho Hotel, Scottsdale, AZ

Vintage jewelry: Fashion by Robert Black – Scottsdale, AZ

Are you a shoe lover? Are you a bargain shopper?

Shoes glorious shoesAre you a shoe lover? Are you a bargain shopper?

I ask because I am both. One of my favorite ways to save money is to shop at a store that gives you points for every $ you spend. My favorite SHOE store that does this is the discount shoe outlet, DSW. When they ask you if you’d like to become a member, say “YES!”

Because not only do they send you gift certificates for buying something you and your family already need, they also have TRIPLE points days. For the next few months, ANY DAY that you say you’d like to use your triple points, you earn a $10 gift certificate for every $45 you spend.

Recently, I used this to rack up $70 worth of gift certificates to DSW. So when my daughter needed glam shoes for prom, I used my gift certificates for her shoes (they store your information on their computer systems so you don’t need to haul around all those pieces of paper every time you go in). After trading in the gift certificates (which were FREE), do you know how much I spent on her shoes?

$.01 – Yep. I spent 1 CENT! On a gorgeous pair of black high heels with a little bit of sparkle….Otherwise she would have gone barefoot because I would NEVER spend $70 on a pair of dress shoes for a teenager that will only get worn once.

DSW is not paying me or helping me in any way to share this with you. I am just a girl who loves shoes and loves bargains and I LOVE sharing with you. Enjoy!



Hidden Crown Hair Extensions

halo crown hair extensionsHidden Crown Hair Extensions

LOVE my new Halo Crown hair extensions!

If you have super-fine hair (like I do), that means extensions with clips will not stay in.  You NEED a clip-less extension. This one is fantastic – and I haven’t even trimmed it yet. (A trim will do wonders to seamlessly blend your hair with your extensions – for the most natural look).

Thank you Shelley Goodstein for telling me about this fabulous company!


Disclaimer: I am good friends with the owner of Halo Crown and I love her product.  However, I do not receive payment for telling you the truth about how fabulous I think her product is.  If a product is great, I’ll share it with you.  If it’s not, I REFUSE to promote a product I don’t like (even if the company is owned by a friend).  Because if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all!  :)

Adrenal Reset Diet

dr christianson kirin wife adrenal reset diet

Adrenal Reset Diet

Your adrenals affect your weight, your mental focus, how well you sleep, and your overall health.   You may know that my hubby is the BRILLIANT (and totally sexy) doctor who wrote the NYT Bestselling book, the Adrenal Reset Diet, right?

Here’s what Random House Publishers says about it:

   Why are people gaining weight faster than ever before?  The idea that people simply eat too much is no longer supported by science.  The emerging idea is that weight gain is a survival response.  Our bodies are under attack from all directions—an overabundance of processed food, a polluted world, and the pressures of daily life all take their toll.  These attacks hit a little known but very important set of glands, the adrenals, particularly hard. 
   One of their many jobs is to maintain a normal cortisol rhythm (cortisol is a hormone associated with both stress and fat storage).  When this rhythm is off, we can become overwhelmed more quickly, fatigued, gain weight, and eventually, develop even more severe health issues such as heart disease or diabetes. Unsuspecting dieters cause more harm than good by reducing the number of calories or carbohydrates they consume, which can disrupt cortisol production and cause weight gain.  
   In The Adrenal Reset Diet, Dr. Alan Christianson provides a pioneering plan for optimal function of these small but powerful organs. His patient-tested weight-loss program is the culmination of decades of clinical experience and over 75,000 patient-care visits. In a study at his clinic, participants on the Adrenal Reset Diet reset their cortisol levels by over 50% while losing an average of over 2 inches off their waists and 9 pounds of weight in 30 days.  What can you expect?  dr alan christianson adrenal reset diet   • Learn whether your adrenals are Stressed, Wired and Tired, or Crashed and which adrenal tonics, exercises, and foods are best for you 

   • The clinically proven shakes, juices, and other delicious recipes, to use for your Reset
   • New ways to turn off the triggers of weight gain with carbohydrate cycling, circadian repair, and simple breathing exercises
   • An easy 7-day ARD eating plan to move your and your adrenals from Surviving to Thriving”

And he has given tons of interviews and advice about this topic.  One of my favorites is the one he did with our friend Joe Polish.  You can listen to it HERE.

adrenal reset diet alan christiansonIf you think your adrenals are out of whack and you’d like step-by-step help so you can lose weight, go from stressed to thriving, then click HERE for a FREE gift to help you.

Vintage Bob Mackie Couture

Vintage Bob Mackie CoutureVintage Bob Mackie Couture

Vintage Bob Mackie – worn once to the Paris Opera. This amazing gown is at Fashion by Robert Black  #amazeballs #couture#vintage #bobmackie


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