“BEST Mascara” – Cari Baker, Makeup Artist

Cari Baker, Makeup Artist

Cari Baker, Makeup Artist

“BEST Mascara I have EVER used” – Cari Baker, Makeup Artist

Oh the woes of a makeup artist.. Rarely do I get sucked into the vortex of “Its the next big thing, Its Amazing, It’ll change your life blah blah blah..”

But Urban Decay Cosmetics …with your shiny packaging and your promise of the Biggest Baddest Blackest lashes ever, I’ll be danged if you didn’t woo me to the add To Cart button! [Read more...]

How to STOP Breakouts – Over 30 years old

photo (3)How to STOP Breakouts – Over 30 years old

For awhile there I had terrible skin. Breakouts all the time.

  • I was told it was hormones. 
  • I was told I needed expensive skincare products. 
  • I was told to change my pillow case every day. 
  • I was told to clean my cell phone daily.

But it took a lunch with my friend #jjVirgin - and she asked why the hell was I eating dairy….”doesn’t it make you break out?” Uhm, I honestly didn’t know since my skin still looked terrible – even after I did all of the above. 

You see, eating healthy is something I love. So, I used to eat low fat cottage cheese and organic milk every day because it was ‘healthy’.

Almost immediately after STOPPING ALL DAIRY – my skin cleared and stays clear…until I eat dairy again.

Are you over 30 with skin that breaks out? Have you tried eliminating dairy? Eliminate dairy and eat/drink 8-10 servings of veggies EVERY DAY to dramatically change your skin.  See my Beauty Juice Recipe HERE

And yes, the more things you do, the better your skin will be.  So…..

  • Use skin care with active ingredients (like retinal, salicylic acid, etc.) – 30-90 days to see results
  • Get your hormones balanced by a naturopathic physician or endocronologist who specializes in hormones (sometimes it’s something as simple as getting a prescription for birth control) – 30-90 days to see results
  • Eliminate dairy (That means EVERYTHING dairy) – 1-3 weeks to see results
  • Consume 8-10 servings veggies daily (eat them or drink them) – 1-3 weeks to see results

What have you noticed makes a big difference in how your skin looks?

Tips for Savvy Moms

all things mamaTips for Savvy Moms

By now, you’ve probably seen the 7 quick and easy things you can do to help you go from feeling drab to feeling FAB, right?  Well, recently I chatted with All Things Mama star, Nadine Bubeck about a FEW of the 7 things.  Sometimes it’s fun for you to have a visual.  So here you go.   [Read more...]

Diane Aiello – World Class Makeup Artist

Diane AielloDiane Aiello – World Class Makeup Artist

Diane and I met over our love of toffee….specifically our love of our friend Stacey who co-owns Goody Two’s Toffee (which is seriously THE BEST toffee in the whole entire world.  Seriously..

We bonded over our passion for helping women look and feel amazing.  Diane’s resume is to-die-for and she’s one of the most coveted makeup artists to work with.  And EVERYONE loves her!  Models, photographers, agents, editors….everyone!  Why?  Because she gets the best possible results for whatever the project is.  Whether it’s a high-fashion, vintage-glam, fresh and natural….whatever it is, she captures it in a way that is beautiful and polished.

Here’s more about her including a small sampling of the magazines, celebrities and designers who have trusted her with their image……. [Read more...]

LeeAnne Locken – She’s Got the Look

LeeAnne Locken

LeeAnne Locken

One day I’m sitting in my living room watching this fabulous new model search show – searching for women OVER 35, called “She’s Got the Look.”  Instantly I’m obsessed.  Some of the women are mothers.  Some of the women have been focusing on their careers.  Many had put their dreams on hold or given up on what they REALLY wanted to do – pursue a legitimate career in modeling.

All the women competing were beyond gorgeous AND inspirational.  One in particular stood out.  She had that larger than life Texas swagger, confidence, poise and the most STUNNING face.   She was one of the last ladies standing.  Her name?  LeeAnne Locken.  Fast forward to now.  This beauty not only still works in the modeling, acting, hosting world, MORE IMPORTANTLY….She’s working in the REAL world – of HELPING people.  Turns out the girl with the big Texas swagger also has a big Texas heart.

She uses her voice and her image for the most noble cause of all – making a difference.  Want to know more about this beauty?  READ on……. [Read more...]

Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Beauty Expert Rachelle McCraySpring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Spring is in the air.  That means it’s time to spring clean your closet and your cosmetics….but let’s thing about it as spring cleaning for fun things!  Because I’m going to show you a way to get rid of what isn’t making you look and feel like the BOMBSHELL and Red Haute Mama that you are, AND help you use your newfound space to add FREE pieces of clothing, accessories, and beauty products to your bombshell arsenal.  


READY?   [Read more...]

Alicia Blanco – 2nd Runner Up, Miss USA 2009

Alicia Blanco

Alicia Blanco – 2nd Runner Up, Miss USA 2009

Alicia and I knew of one another for awhile, but we became instant friends the day I helped her put on her underwear ….backstage at a fashion show!  (***This is NOT how I usually meet my friends!!  LOL***  Her dress was too tight to bend down and pull them up herself.  In the pageant world I’ve been known to do butt glue (a roll-on adhesive that sticks your swimsuit to your tush so your suit doesn’t ride up while you strut your stuff on stage) so pulling on someone’s underwear was no big deal.  And it’s not the first time I’ve made friends this way!

But there is something extra special about Alicia.  She is one of the kindest, most giving and caring women I’ve ever met.  Do you want to know about this inspirational beauty who is the living definition of “Beauty Inside and Out”?? [Read more...]

Tiffany Hendra – Sanctuary of Style

Tiffany HendraTiffany Hendra – Sanctuary of Style

A couple of years ago I was in Hollywood filming a video series and I invited a girlfriend to dinner.  She asked if she could invite a friend she thought I’d enjoy meeting.  That’s how I met the GORGEOUS and spiritual Tiffany Hendra!  We bonded over kale salad, inspiring women, and our love of our superstar husbands.  (Although her hubby IS an actual SUPERSTAR!  His new album releases soon www.aaronhendra.com  And check out how cute he is….AND he has a super-sexy Australian accent!)

She may look like a goddess, but since she is human of course everything hasn’t always been perfect for her.  Let’s find out more about this bold beauty and WHY she now has such a charmed life….

[Read more...]

How to Dress Younger – (And Still Look Age Appropriate)

My Daughter is 16

My Daughter is 16

How to Dress Younger – (And Still Look Age Appropriate)

It’s official.  I feel old.

My daughter is now 16.  My friends who are older than I am are just starting to have babies, so you and I both know I’m not really old.  But boy-oh-boy there is something about YOUR children getting older that makes you feel older.

Regardless of how old you are (in chronological years or in spirit), you can look young (and FEEL young) with how you dress. [Read more...]

Unconventional Ways to Recharge Yourself

Girls Weekend Road Trip

Girls Weekend Road Trip

Unconventional Ways to Recharge Yourself

Last night I did something I’ve never done before…..I refused to cook dinner. I also refused to go out. You see, it’s so easy to feel that your family isn’t appreciating you and your culinary (or lack of culinary) talents and just feel like you’re going through the same motions again and again. [Read more...]