Fabulous SALE

Fabulous Sale Remember how I got this gorgeous pleated yellow gown for only $11 in a recent blog post?  (Because I used gift cards so the remaining balance was $11).  Well guess what?  It's on super-duper deluxe sale now.  It's not $11, but you also don't have to use gift certificates either. Enjoy! xoxo Kirin Dress: Laundry by Shelli Segal  Jewelry: vintage from Fashion by Robert Black Photo credit: Kristin Heggli Valley Ho Hotel, Scottsdale, AZ … [Read more...]

Gorgeous Green

Gorgeous Green Well it's happened.  It's finally become cool enough in Arizona to need a coat most days....at least for an hour or two. A classy vintage green pea-coat is a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit without a reindeer or christmas tree design in sight.  And the fun lining keeps things light-hearted and fun on the inside, and elegant on the outside.  Enjoy your cooler weather.  Are you getting into the holiday spirit yet? xoxo Kirin Coat: 1970's vintage - Fashion by Robert Black Dress: Miguelina - similar styles here, and here Shoes: Betsy Johnson Earrings: Amrita Singh … [Read more...]

Pretty Purple

Pretty Purple In honor of the Miss Arizona USA pageant that concluded yesterday I decided to wear this gorgeous custom purple gown and vintage pink fur stole. ....Except I didn't make it to the pageant.  My husband just had surgery a few days ago, so I stayed home to be with him.  (Even big, strong men love to be taken care of when they are down....and happy marriages happen when you take care of your partner - especially in the tough times). I met the gown designer of JM Couture at a trunk show my friend held at her boutique Glam Squad in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He has gorgeous designs and ultimately I chose this gown because of the versatility.  It's made of a lightweight and stretchy jersey fabric.  It's easy to roll up and pack into a carryon bag and it looks fresh and ready to wear after you land in some fabulous destination. And the best part?  You can wear it backwards or frontwards.  In other words, it's a V-neck or it's a boat-neck.  You choose. After meeting with Jim, I told him as much as black is a classic color, I seldom wear black.  I wanted this gown but in a fun color that was more "me."  He sent me a dozen colors and patterns to choose from.  I chose this pretty purple because it's nice to positively stand out when you go to a black-tie event and everyone else is wearing black.  Nothing wrong with wanting to make an entrance when you walk into a room, right?  :)   Within a week or two he shipped it to me and viola! Dress: JM Couture Shoes: Valentino Fur: Vintage from Fashion by Robert Black Earrings: Stefani Somers … [Read more...]

Vintage Fringe and Gems

Vintage Fringe and Gems Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like green fringe and bling, right?!  See more about this outfit (and 5 others) on TODAY's episode of "Your Life A to Z" BTW, I'm not sure why the closeup of the necklace is so blurry. Vintage 1960's dress: Fashion by Robert Black Necklace (vintage stones in a new setting): Jewels by Alan Anderson - *no two pieces are ever the same Shoes: Steve Madden - Similar style HERE … [Read more...]

Flying to New York

I usually only wear jeans or pants of some sort when it's too cold to wear a skirt.  My sunny state has been pretty gorgeous, but I'm flying to New York to judge the Mrs. NY America pageant - and it's going to be much colder there!  Right?  So I'll wear these skinny jeans, shoes (easy to take on and off during airport security), and coat both there and back.  Only my shirt will change (to another black shirt so it's easy to coordinate). Coat: Anne Klein Jeans: JLow - from Khols Shirt: Cynthia Rowley - from Marshalls Shoes: Vince Camuto - DSW Purse: Michael Kors … [Read more...]

Fabulous Arizona Feature

Fabulous Arizona Feature Thank you Fabulous Arizona​ for the feature! Read it HERE Growing up I literally hated myself. I hated my bright red hair. I hated being so tall so that something as simple as walking from point A to point B was the most awkward thing ever. I hated standing out....and then something changed. Suddenly I LOVED standing out. (Unless I dyed my hair brown - which I did BTW, and it was brown with lots and lots of red - so even then, there was no way to "hide"). So I did the next best thing. I stood up tall and looked in the mirror....you know, the old fashion equivalent of taking a selfie. :) And I focused on the POSITIVES. What were the things I could improve? (hello brand new boobies after nursing 2 children....ok, that came much later - but still, as long as your are breathing, you deserve to work on making the most of each day of your life) What were the things I could HIGHLIGHT? What were the things that I could do to IMPROVE THE WORLD (which can start in your own home, and neighborhood) regardless of how I looked?! Those were the things I focused on. And suddenly, life became magical. I met the man of my dreams 20 years ago and I'm still madly in love with him. He's THE nicest guy in the world....like ever! My kids are great - yes, even the roller-coaster ride with a hormonal teenage daughter - (WTH?! LOL) - has been overall good. I'm excited to see what decisions she will make.....and I'm sure like all of us, there will be a few good *head smack* moments in there. So go out there and look in the mirror...or take a selfie. :) And see what YOU can do today to make the world a better place....FOR YOUR LIFE AND FOR OTHERS! Thank you to women like Cynthia Sassi​ and her site, Fabulous Arizona - who LIFT other women up and motivate and inspire us all to live a rich and full life. Warmest thanks to women like her! Wishing YOU a beautiful and inspired day. Read the article HERE Warmly, Kirin … [Read more...]

Send-Off Party for Miss World America

Send-Off Party for Miss World America One of my dear friends, Victoria Mendoza, is Miss World America and she will spend 30 days in China representing the United States at the prestigious and oldest international pageant, Miss World.  (You can watch the final competition on E! December 19th) Recently she had her send off party and God must have been smiling down on her because it warmed up to the high 80's and it was a gorgeous (albeit WARM!) fall day here in sunny Arizona.  So much for the cute wintery outfit I had planned. I wanted to wear my new burgundy shoes - but still haven't found the perfect matching accessories - so I dug out this $15 off-the-shoulder "Bardot" dress from asos.com, tossed in some inexpensive (but fabulous) earrings from Vegas from a few years ago, a ginormous cocktail ring I purchased 10 years ago, and added a gorgeous, vintage, Judith Leiber beaded purse I splurged on for my 40th birthday.  Viola, a fall-inspired look perfect for the hot Arizona sun, but glamorous enough to send off our Miss World America in style! Dress: asos.com Shoes: Charles David - at DSW Purse: vintage Judith Leiber - current styles HERE Lipliner - Mac Spice   … [Read more...]

A Girls Night Out

  A Girls Night Out Don't you love having those friends who support you (and you support them) through all of life's ups and downs?  And the coolest thing is when your life gets to a point that you support your friends, by supporting - and cheering for - their daughters.  Because we need to show the younger girls the importance of women lifting women up too. My friend's daughter competed in her very first pageant.  Most of my best friends I've met through pageantry so I love and support them - and any other endeavor that challenges you to be the best version of yourself.  This is what I wore to her pageant. The dress and coat cost $10 TOTAL. Dress: $10 sidewalk sale - Vintage - Fashion by Robert Black Lace coat: Free - from a friend's yard sale.  Similar styles HERE. and HERE Shoes: B by Brian Atwood Purse: Vintage - estate sale - Similar style HERE … [Read more...]

B Tribe Speakeasy Inaugural Meetup

B Tribe Speakeasy Inaugural Meetup What do you wear to a super-secret, invite-only (you need a key, a ticket, AND a password to get in) inaugural gala for "kick ass" women entrepreneurs?  Especially when you have no idea who the other women attending will be....but fitness leader, Bizzie Gold is spearheading it... Well?! You wear something that makes you feel confident and bold.  So you break out the red Herve Leger dress you got on sale, that's what you wear!  (And you change your purse and shoes 5 times, because the purse and shoes I wore in these photos BEFORE I left, were not what I ended up wearing to the event.  It started to rain, and I was NOT going to wear the most expensive shoes I've ever owned in my whole entire life in the rain.  No-Way.  Not because I care about the shoes....but because it's okay to care about YOURSELF.  And when you invest in yourself - through educational materials, clothing, accessories or other items that showcase your investment in yourself, it's okay to nurture those investments. For Scottsdale based, bad-assed, fabulous women entrepreneurs who want to hang with like-minded women, you NEED to get an invite into B-Tribe.  Additional locations coming soon.  Would love to see you at the next one. Dress: Herve Leger - similar style here Shoes: Louboutin Purse: Vintage Gucci - from Fashion by Robert Black   … [Read more...]

Red Gown – Glam Practice for the Dress For Success Gala

Red Gown - Glam Practice for the Dress For Success Gala What is your favorite organization that helps women?  Mine is Dress for Success.  I've worked with the Phoenix chapter of Dress for Success in one way or another for the past 4 years.  Time is precious.  And as much as I'd love to go to EVERY gala that raises money for women in need, I simply can't.  Out of all of the organizations that I have come to know and love, Dress For Success is the one that resonates the most with me. Growing up with a single mom who drove 2 hours round trip but we never had much - taught me to appreciate the giving that ALL women do.  One day I was thinking about Maslow's hierarchy of needs (remember that chart from high school??) and I realized that before I could help women feel confident, I needed to help many with basic needs first.  Things like....food, clothing, and shelter. After researching things I discovered that when you invest in a woman and give her a job, she will re-invest 90% of her income back into her community and family (compared to men who on average only reinvest 30% of their income).  The revelation that WOMEN can lift the entire economy came on the heels of the economic downturn.   Damn, we are more powerful than we thought, right?!  :) Dress for Success gives women (typically on welfare) the tools and resources to lift them out of unemployment with the goal being to break the cycle of poverty.  They start them off with a free interview suit, and resume assistance.  Then once the client lands a job, she receives 5 complete outfits so she can present herself proudly in her new workplace.  Love that the ultimate way to help women with their confidence was to first help them meet their basic needs. If you would like to help the women in Phoenix, CLICK HERE.  And maybe I'll see you at the Phoenix gala on Friday?  You get to wear an evening gown....so I'm practicing now! Dress: Tony Bowls - Glam Squad Shoes: DSW - on sale! Purse: Jimmy Choo - similar style HERE … [Read more...]