Why would you wear vintage…??

  Why would you wear vintage....? They knew how to design flattering clothing for women who have curves....and/or kids They knew how to celebrate your curves while remaining classy.  It's seldom about being skin tight.  It's more about va-va-voom....in a modest way. Yes, your grandmother wore it.....when she was HOT!  Vintage pieces aren't about what your grandmother would wear now. Vintage clothing is incredibly well made and durable.  You may have to raise a hem or replace a zipper....but even for clothing that can be 60+ years old, that's pretty much it! You are saving the planet by recycling :) You stand out.  Don't be surprised when complete strangers literally stop you in the street to compliment you on how beautiful you look.  (This is one of my favorite things about wearing vintage....because who doesn't love hearing compliments?) Most of the vintage pieces  featured are from Fashion by Robert Black.  Modern jewelry from Kendra Scott and Stefanie Somers. Have you ever worn vintage?  What do you love most about vintage?? Wishing you a beautiful day! Warmly, Kirin … [Read more...]

Orange Maxi Dress

Orange Maxi Dress October in Arizona means maxi dresses. When maxi dresses have a beautiful flow and layers of chiffon....even better! Orange seems like a natural fit for the month of all things Halloween. But I love wearing orange year round. It's my all-time favorite color. Fashion Tip: Wear bold colors ANYTIME of year. If a color flatters you, then wear it! Because even "seasonal" colors can be worn year-round when they flatter your complexion. Dress: asos - (on sale!) Shoes: Louboutin Earrings and bracelt: Kendra Scott Wallet/clutch: Louis Vuitton   … [Read more...]

Valentino Rockstud Shoes

        Valentino Rockstud Shoes I ordered these fabulous 2 pairs of Valentino Rockstud heels from Rue La La recently (saving $150 EACH pair!).  Each pair is a different size because I knew I would only need 1 pair and would return whichever pair didn't fit.  Love them both.  Both are statement pieces but one I would wear much more often.  Luckily it's the one that fits better. Fashion Tip: Most European high end brand shoes fit 1/2 - 1 full size too small.  Be sure to order a slightly larger size if you are used to US sizes. How about you....Which ones do you like best?  Which ones would you wear the most often? … [Read more...]

Date Night Before Surgery

Date Night Before Surgery Recently we found out my husband needs 3 surgeries before the end of the year. THREE!  He's fine, but worrying about it still puts a lot of stress on your relationship. To take the edge off we went to a movie....on a school night....because we are wild like that...and most of the kids had finished their homework.  :) The weather here hasn't decided if it's fall or summer, so this may be the last time it's warm enough to wear sleeveless for a few months.  Figured it was the perfect time to wear this soft and feminine vintage sundress until the spring. Fashion Tip: When your outfit has more than 1 color, wear shoes that either pull out 1 color - so your shoes will get noticed, OR wear shoes that match your skin-tone to make your outfit the star. I hope you enjoy your day! xoxo - Kirin Dress: vintage 1970's - Fashion by Robert Black Purse: vintage Gucci - Fashion by Robert Black Shoes: Touchups … [Read more...]

Think Pink

Think Pink   <1>, <2>, <3>, <4>, <5>, <6>, <7> October is known as a "Pink" month to help raise awareness for breast cancer. Wearing pink is an easy way to show your support. If you don't have a lot of pink, you can use pink accessories to draw positive attention to the cause. One website I love is Bag, Borrow, or Steal - a high-end handbag rental site where you can rent (or buy) a designer purse for a month at a time. Check out the individual purse details here:   <1>, <2>, <3>, <4>, <5>, <6>, <7>   Which one is your favorite?     … [Read more...]

# 7 – PRADA Saffiano Mini Galleria Crossbody Bag

PRADA Saffiano Mini Galleria Crossbody Bag   Rent at Bag, Borrow or Steal     … [Read more...]

#6 – GUCCI Soho Medium Tote

GUCCI Soho Medium Tote   Rent from Bag, Borrow or Steal - Currently ON SALE!     … [Read more...]

#5 – LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Canvas Mini Dora Shoulder Bag

LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Canvas Mini Dora Shoulder Bag   Rent from Bag, Borrow or Steal - currently ON SALE!     … [Read more...]

#4 – CHANEL Caviar Leather Wallet On Chain Bag

CHANEL Caviar Leather Wallet On Chain Bag   Rent from Bag, Borrow, or Steal     … [Read more...]

#3 -FENDI Micro Peekaboo Shoulder Bag

FENDI Micro Peekaboo Shoulder Bag   On Sale to RENT! Bag, Borrow or Steal     … [Read more...]