Paris with my family

Paris with my family

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December – Paris

OMGosh so excited I cried!!!! Standing in front of my all time favorite artist’s paintings (Van Gogh) today at the Musee d’Orsay here in Paris, then waking along the Seine and hubby and I putting a lock on the bridge for lovers…. it justhit me so hard that I’m actually living the life I’ve always dreamed of. Growing up I always struggled with depression and low self esteem. I never felt that I was good enough or worth anything to have good things happen to me. I thought good things would happen because I was a nice girl and smart…but never because I deserved it. (On the other hand my greatest gift is being able to see with crystal clarity the true beauty and potential of everyone else)

And yet, here I am, with my children and the man of my dreams – who I’m still madly in love with after 18 Christmas’ together – in magical Paris experiencing things I’ve only ever dreamed of. I’m signed with the modeling agency of my dreams, and held two pageant titles I thought were out of my reach until recently.

So I had to ask myself, when did life shift?

Mrs America swimsuit

Mrs America swimsuit

Answer: It completely turned around when I took a chance on ME and started INVESTING in myself. Investing in my image, my health, and my brand.

FORD/RBA Model - Scottsdale, Arizona

FORD/RBA Model – Scottsdale, Arizona

Some days are tough. Some days are painful. Heck, it’s flat-out back breaking work sometimes….but it’s worth it! And I believe that when you invest in yourself you are telling yourself YOU ARE WORTH IT, and then your life becomes richer.

Robert Black, the founder of the FORD/Robert Black Agency and I are sitting down and filming answers to YOUR questions on how to submit yourself and get signed with an agency. We are only taking the questions asked from our survey (LINK BELOW). Your identity is anonymous – so ask us your most burning question about how you can break into modeling. What are your question for us?