Office Dress Code – Without Wearing Black

  Office Dress Code - Without Wearing Black Most businesses have some sort of dress code in place.  My husband and I have a clinic and we have a dress code, albeit a fairly relaxed one.  Recently our front desk team asked to have a uniform.  The medical assistants and lab team get to wear scrubs.  And when you know what you are wearing getting dressed is easier. However, as the front desk, they are the first people to interact with you as you are welcomed in, so scrubs isn't the right fit for them. How do you make something basic, like a cardigan, still look cute and stylish? This universally flattering shade of orange cardigan works great with our other branded colors AND some basics.  However RED and BLACK are NOT our branded colors.  Designing an office uniform that doesn't involve black clothing can be tricky, but here's what I came up with.  What do you think?   … [Read more...]

Hormone Balancing Freezer Meals – ADRENAL RESET DIET

Hormone Balancing Freezer Meals - ADRENAL RESET DIET A big part of living a fabulous life is (and looking & feeling fabulous) is eating fabulous things.   That means respecting yourself and giving your body what it needs so your skin glows and you can put on any article of clothing and look (and FEEL) great. Your body does best with lean protein, carbs (gluten-free carbs if you have a gluten sensitivity), and lots and lots of veggies, some fruit, and healthy fats....Especially if you want to balance your hormones at the same time.  Food matters.  And you know it.   Money also matters.  No matter how successful I am (or months when I am not), I grew up respecting the value of $1 and what you could do with that.  (One of the things I would do is buy Atomic Fireball hard candies for 10 cents, then sell them for 20 could say I was always a business-minded woman) - LOL. So I am over 40 and I still can't pass up a great sale.  Purses, shoes, fabulous dresses, and yes....groceries.  It's not as glamorous, but it sure does help me feel like I'm living a more beautiful life.   Here's how you can too.... Buy your produce on sale.  And when it's on sale, buy extras to make freezer meals.   Today, I made 9 MEALS in 90 minutes....and I only spent $38 on both the veggies AND the chicken.  I was inspired by pinterest and thought it would be even cooler to do this using ONLY veggies that were on sale.  Maybe they are on sale because they are in season and organic.  Maybe they are on sale because the wether has been so hot then cold here, that whatever grew....even if it's not quite the right season for...they had an abundance of.  You can get organic, or not.  You can blend organic and non-organic.  I'm not perfect.  Some days I want to buy a regular red pepper for 98 cents instead of an organic one for $2.18.  Buy organic when you can.  Don't let perfection be the enemy of "good" (Hubby always says that!) Here's what I made: 1.  Carrots, cabbage, canned tomatoes, orange pepper, chicken and onion. 2.  Carrots, onions, cabbage, tomatoes, broth 3.  Eggplant, carrots, green beans, red & orange pepper 4.  Chicken, cabbage, carrots (or carrot pulp from your juicer), broccoli stems (I used the heads for a meal earlier in the week), broth, ginger 5.  Chicken, salsa verde, carrot pulp from your juicer (it's a sneaky way to add in veggies if your kids are picky eaters), red pepper, onion 6.  Chicken, artichokes, 1/2 stick organic butter (you DO need organic butter no matter what), tomatoes, white wine (we seldom drink so this is a great way to use the wine we receive when guests give it as a present)   * #6 is a meal that you can have no more than 3 times a week because of the butter and the wine * I had so much, that I was able to make multiple bags of some of these listed.  Awesome, right?! Here's what I used: * 2 packages of chicken tenders (on sale and only $7.50 total) * 2 red peppers * 4 orange peppers * 2 cabbages * 4 eggplants * 6 tomatoes * small-medium bunch of green beans * 6 onions * 4 pounds of carrots * carrot pulp from juicing about 10 pounds of carrots (and a little bit of spinach which I just discovered barely does anything when you try to juice it) * 4-5 broccoli stems MISC: wine, butter, canned tomatoes (with basil), ginger, broth, salsa verde, canned artichoke hearts Take one out to thaw the day before you plan on cooking it.  You can stir-fry it.  You can turn (some of them) into stews.  You can throw it in your crock-pot.  You can add protein to the ones that don't have them.  Add your carbs separately so you can get the right serving size based on which meal you are having because you can eat these for breakfast, lunch OR dinner!    * BREAKFAST - 1/4 cup carbs    * LUNCH - 1/2 cup carbs    * DINNER - 3/4 cup carbs Add seasonings the day you cook.  Enjoy!   … [Read more...]

Dreaming of Spring

Dreaming of Spring Dress: asos - similar style HERE and HERE Shoes: DSW Coat: Vintage - Fashion by Robert Black - Similar style HERE (bargain) and HERE (splurge) … [Read more...]

How to Feed a Family of 5 Healthy Food for $160/week

How to Feed a Family of 5 Healthy Food for $160/week A few people had privately messaged me and asked how I can eat so healthy AND feed my family of 5 and only spend $160-180 week on groceries. Until I can film/host a cooking class, here's an easy way you can get started. And I give you ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Okay, so this isn't a quality production video, but I just wanted to take a moment and be REAL with you.  Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Day at the Desert Botanical Gardens

Day at the Desert Botanical Gardens Homeschooling my son has been the most wonderful experience.  As you might expect, the only negative is that he doesn't get to see his friends as often as he did in public school.  Well, today was a blast because he was able to meet his teachers and a few classmates at the school field trip to the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona. Because the weather here has been both cool and warm, it's hard to figure out what to wear.  But a convertible maxi dress is a great choice so you can wear it sleeveless when you are in the sun, and pull down sleeves when you are in the shade.  (Both are pictured here).  No matter what you wear, when you are outside - especially at the sun's most intense time from 11am-3pm, you always want to wear sunscreen.  Being a redhead I wanted to take extra precaution and also wear a sun hat. Enjoy! xoxo Kirin Dress: similar ones found HERE, and HERE (both on sale!) Hat: Similar style HERE Sunglasses: YSL … [Read more...]

Add COLOR to your Adrenal Reset Diet Meals

I don't know about you, but I love seeing photos of beautiful meals for inspiration! Remember using "unlimited foods" (from my husband, Dr. Christianson's Adrenal Reset Diet) is a great way to add color (and make you feel full and satisfied longer) to your meals. Here's an example of a few Adrenal Reset Diet friendly meals I made this past week for our family. (Salads, stir-frys, and casseroles) Think in color! ***** 1) Salad with chicken, avocado and pine nuts 2) Bok choy with coconut milk and turmeric 3) Spaghetti squash with pesto and bruchetta, chicken leg, and a salad 4) Salad, black rice, and fresh shrimp baked in a little butter 5) Chicken enchilada casserole with carrots and kale pulp from our juicer (this one isn't a perfect ARD meal, but it's ok because we are back to thriving - the holidays had us all a little stressed!) 6) Chicken, rice, spinach, and grilled yellow and red peppers and onions (took this photo before putting in the microwave for a minute or two....everything except the spinach was leftovers and already cooked. You could eat it cold or warm) … [Read more...]

Soft Pink

Soft Pink I love the color of the Valentino Rockstud blush shoes.  They are neutral enough to almost be your skin tone (for those of us with fair skin), but with enough pink to look a little different.  The studs are gold, but can look silver in some lighting. Do you know what this means?? It's damn near impossible to get a matching purse - unless you buy the coordinating Valentino purse.  I believe in mixing and matching.  And I love saving money.  Because the shoes (I was able to get them on sale!) were already a splurge, I would rather have a simple purse so the shoes are the "rockstars" and the purse is the supporting star (but still can whip out a solo every now and then).  You know what I mean?? So what is the answer? Kate Spade's tote.  It's a fraction of the price of the Valentino's and although it's not a perfectly matchy-matchy color, it's close enough to complement the shoes.  So you can get dressed easier knowing that you will already be coordinated no mater what you wear with it. Here are a few other pink Valentino/Kate Spade shoe and purse combinations for you.  Enjoy! xoxo Kirin Shoes: Valentino Purse: Kate Spade … [Read more...]

Modeling – How to Book Jobs

  Modeling - How to Book Jobs Thank you for all the questions about modeling you've sent me after my recent post about doing a magazine photo shoot with my daughter! Because I often get asked for how to break into modeling (maybe it's because I was 37 years old before signing with the FORD - Robert Black Agency in Arizona??).  Anyway, awhile ago I made a video on how you can become a model.  Because the 1st thing you need to know is the kinds of jobs you can book.  If you are 4'11" and pursuing a runway career, you will be a million times more successful focusing on a different area of modeling.  This is a lesson I feel ALL women should know because it's about highlighting your strengths and working them for your advantage! Yes, I also sell a program on how you can become a model and book modeling jobs.  It's 50% off right now.  No pressure.  If you want to do it, it's avaialable for you.  If not, you can still get a ton of information on the video. Watch this FREE video to discover the types of modeling jobs you could be booking right now. MODELING VIDEO Enjoy!  xoxo Kirin … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes – Magazine Photo Shoot

Behind the Scenes - Magazine Photo Shoot Have you ever wondered what goes into making those gorgeous magazine spreads? Here is a sneak peak (from a model's perspective) about what goes into it.  I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to book a magazine spread this weekend and work with my daughter, a few of my favorite girlfriends, AND a talented team - several of whom I have worked with before. A week before the shoot: Get booked directly for the job because I had worked with (and loved working with!) the beauty director in the past.  She asks if I have other friends with teen daughters that would work for the shoot (because it's for PRISteen Magazine).  **This is how I book most of my direct booking jobs (about 85% of all my modeling jobs).  When you are booked for a job, be prepared, be professional, and be kind.  You never know when you'll book something else because of how you are on set. Eat super clean this week, and exercise daily.  Especially work on those "trouble" spots to tighten and firm. 2 Days before the shoot: Wax, tweeze, skin prep, pedicure, manicure, schedule a hair trim for tomorrow night, and do an extra challenging workout.  Gas up my car.  If you need a spray tan, do it today. 1 Day before the shoot: Pack shoe tote and  model tote bag.  Confirm the time, distance, address, and all the things the team needs me to bring.  Have hair trimmed, styled in the style they want for tomorrow, and once it's styled, put it into a clip on top of my head so it retains it's shape while I sleep. Day of the shoot:  6am: Wake up.  Shower and do hair and makeup. 7am: The location is an hour away from my house.  Make a protein shake and drink it on the way there while watching a beautiful sunrise. 8am: Arrive for hair and makeup.  Teens were to have only foundation on.  Moms were asked to do their own hair and makeup so the makeup artists and hair stylist only needed to touch us up, which saves the entire crew (and models) a ton of time. 9:30am: Arrive to the location shoot. It was a perfect park with a vintage carousel and mini ferris wheel.  How many people are on set?  Well.....There is the 1) photographer, 2) photographer's assistant, 3) beauty editor, 4) assistant makeup artist, 5) fashion director, and 6) hair stylist on set. 10:15am: Start shooting the spring looks.  It's freezing!  So when we are not shooting we are bundled up in our winter coats.  Or we  change into our next outfit, and watch the other models shoot.  At one point we need 3 people to block the suns direct rays - holding up coats and sweaters in addition to the collapsible sun shade - so the photographer could get the perfect shot. 11:45am: That's a wrap!  Now we return the clothes and accessories we from the shoot, and it's time to take lots and lots of selfies and photos with the cast and crew.  :) Look for PRISteen Magazine in the Southwestern states in April, or you can subscribe for only $12/year (I did because I love their message for teen girls!).  Enjoy! xoxo Kirin … [Read more...]

What Ingredient Makes YOU Glow??

What ingredient makes you glow? It's not a fancy or expensive cream. Answer:  CARROTS You can cook them.  You can eat them raw.  Or you could juice them. Do you juice? Don't throw away that fiber! You can use carrot pulp to make tons of delicious foods.  You can also use it IN foods.  Try it in a cucumber & tomato salad. Add onions and carrot pulp. For your dressing use 1/2 of a fresh lemon, extra virgin olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy! xoxo - Kirin (Thanks to Integrative Health) … [Read more...]

Cool Blue

Cool Blue On days when it's freezing (by Arizona standards at least) and I'm hanging out homeschooling my little guy, I like to dress casually. Usually you'll find me in a dress. But every now and then, when it's too cold - I'll wear jeans. What do you think?  Do you like seeing casual styles too?  Or do you prefer seeing dresses? - Kirin … [Read more...]

Adrenal Reset Challenge

Adrenal Reset Challenge I love food. During the holidays I ate more gluten, dairy and sugar in 2 months than I've eaten in the past 2 years combined. But I went grocery shopping for the first time in forever (our daughter has been helping out while Alan has recovered from surgery and I've been doing homeschool). Here are A few of the meals I've made this week.... (Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, low-sodium, and sugar-free!) - Fish tacos (lightly dredge a white fish in coconut flour, cook, and season with freshly squeezed lemons.  Use a gluten-free tortilla and add raw cabbage, and sautéed peppers) - Chicken & avocado lettuce wraps with quinoa (put sautéed chicken, avocado, and quinoa into green or red-leaf lettuce - like a taco) - Carrot fries (chop carrots in half, then quarter.  lightly spray a pan and bake at 350 for 15 minutes.  Turn, then bake for another 15 minutes.  Best when eaten warm) - Zucchini noodles and avocado with chicken and sautéed fresh tomatoes and garlic (Use a spiralizer to make spiral noodles out of the zucchini.  Then sauté for 5 minutes on med-high heat.  Add fresh tomatoes and garlic with olive oil - raw or cooked.  Salt and pepper to taste.) - Red potato fries, chicken, salad with radishes (cut red potatoes to a consistent size, spray pan and potatoes, and bake at 350 for 45-60 minutes.  Wrap chicken with prosciutto and bake with the potatoes.  Make a salad and add fun ingredients like radishes) - Chicken and quinoa noodle soup with a side of berries, and a tomato cucumber & avocado salad (For the soup, I used a home-made chicken stock as the base, added leftover chicken, spiral quinoa noodles, carrots, and frozen organic green beans). The best part?  Using only vegetables that were on sale and fed my family of 5, 3 meals a day + snacks, for a week for only $160. Want to make yummy meals like these too?  Here are a few tips: 1. Buy produce on sale.  That usually means you are getting things ripe and in-season  **Hint: buy 1 or 2 extra in case you get home and discover something is a little too ripe. 2. Shop late at night, AFTER you've eaten everything.  Saturday night is great because most grocery stores get deliveries on Thursdays and Saturdays - which makes them the best time to get the freshest items.  Because you've eaten dinner, you'll also be more likely to stick to your list and not get tempted by non-healthy items.  AND finally, by going late at night, you will be more likely to want to keep your shopping short and concise.  :) 3. Join my brilliant (and handsome!) hubby for his Adrenal Reset CHALLENGE.  Today is the last day you can join.  Here's your link to find out more: Adrenal Reset Challenge … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! This year I've decided to be a little more playful (and sexy) with my clothing choices.  And take a chance on somethings that would have scared me in the past.  Things like sky-high slits.  Can women over 40 wear sky-high slits?  Who knows.  But this year...I'm going to TRY IT!  And so should you.  If it works for you, then go for it.  If that doesn't, but something else DOES....then go for that.  This is the year you allow YOUR STYLE to shine.  Be comfortable in your own skin.  And up-level your look AND your CONFIDENCE! Cheers and Happy New Year to you! xoxo Kirin Dress: asos - (similar style) Purse: vintage Judith Leiber (similar styles HERE or HERE) Shoes: Charles David   $ 79  - (High-end options HERE,  HERE, and HERE)   … [Read more...]

How to Get Clothes (and accessories) for FREE

How to Get Clothes for FREE There are a few ways to get gorgeous clothes for FREE.  Here are my favorites: 1. Host (or attend) a clothing exchange party.  Invite a group of friends - and their friends - over for a night of food, fun, and free clothes.  Make sure everyone brings 5-10 FABULOUS outfits that are nice enough to sell...NOT stuff you would simply donate!  This ensures everyone brings great things to exchange. 2. Help a friend at a yard-sale.  Make sure she is selling clothes.  Whatever doesn't sell, ask if you can have it.  Make sure you love it, and make sure it's not asking too much. 3.  Raid your family member's closet - with her permission of course. 4. Borrow something from a stylish friend.  Be sure to dry-clean it (even if you only wore it for 15 minutes).  Return it in BETTER condition than how you received it.  And return it within 48 hours of wearing it.  Speaking from experience, it's frustrating to lend something out to a friend and have it returned dirty and/or a month (or more) later. 5. Develop a great relationship with a boutique.  For special events they may let you borrow something providing you return it in PERFECT condition, the NEXT DAY.  (I've been able to do this with jewelry).  If you borrow a dress, they may require you to have it dry cleaned - in which case you need to take it to an express cleaner and return it immediately to the boutique.  Now matter what you borrow, you MUST post pictures of yourself wearing it AND give them credit. These are my favorite ways.  Have you done any of these?   … [Read more...]

Christmas Outfit

Christmas Outfit Color: Christmas comes in many colors - not just red or green.  Wear blue, gold, purple to show your Christmas cheer. Details: Bows can be on anything, not just your presents.  I love these shoes from DSW with tie on detail. Bling: A simple belt with a shiny buckle paired with rhinestone (or diamond!) earrings add a sparkle to your look. Skirt: faux leather- French Connection (on SALE!) * If you'd like something a little shorter, try THIS, or THIS* Shirt: Michael Stars Shoes: Aldo - (On SALE at DSW) … [Read more...]

We Caught Santa on Video!

  Kirin, Celestina, Mimi, Ryan, Alan We Caught Santa on Video! Look what our new security camera picked up....we caught Santa on video!  (Now I really wish I had cleaned up after some family came to the house last night!) From my family to yours, wishing you love, happiness, and health.  Merry Christmas! xoxo Kirin Video: Kringl Photo: Byron Medina … [Read more...]

Holiday Cheer in a Green Suede Dress

Holiday Cheer in a Green Suede Dress This year has been harder than most to get into the holiday spirit.  Hubby just finished surgery #3 (in the last 3 months) so he can finally be free of pain in his feet.  He's super athletic so getting him to SIT and rest has been more challenging than if it were one of the kids.  The front door is dirty, the house is as clean as it can be considering I have 3 kids, a dog that sheds, and a hubby to tend to.  But we have the Christmas tree up, and overall everyone is healthy so that's a blessing! :) When you are feeling it's hard to get holiday cheer into your day, just throw on a traditional holiday color.  Vogue says suede dresses are hot, hot, haute this year.  Turns out they were haute in the 1970's too because that's when this dress was made.  I got it at a sidewalk sale for $10 and spent another $35 in alterations to shorten it (it was originally teacup length - which would look killer with boots, but isn't the most flattering look on me).  So I paired it with with to-die-for Balenciaga high heel sandals that I got from a high end private sale, and a classic Louis Vuitton tote. Hope you are feeling the holiday cheer and all the magic the holidays bring to your life. xoxo Kirin   Dress: vintage - similar styles HERE, and HERE Shoes: Balenciaga - similar styles  HERE and HERE  *Both are on sale!* Purse: Louis Vuitton - similar one HERE … [Read more...]

FORD/RBA Modeling Agency Holiday Party

FORD/RBA Modeling Agency Holiday Party Can I be honest with you?  Getting dressed up to go out anytime past 5 pm is hard.  Not because it's hard to do, but by that time of day I want to make dinner and start winding down the night.  Get the kids tucked into bed, then go to bed early. Every year since I've been signed with FORD Models in Arizona, I RSVP for the party, then debate with myself the entire day if I really want to go.  And every year I drag myself out of the house past 5, drive to the swanky location, get out of the car and.....have THE BEST TIME!  Every year!  LOL! It's so much fun seeing my friends, meeting new friends, and it's a chance to spend quality time with them (because when you are booked on a job with your friends, you are on the client's time - not yours).  Such a great event.  And special thanks to photographer Steve Yap for the photo with stylist Oscar de la Salas and his handsome hubby, and Daniella Lazar who I'm blessed to work with frequently....and she's back in Arizona.  Love them! Dress: Vintage - Fashion by Robert Black Shoes: ShoeDazzle Purse: YSL … [Read more...]

DIY Crystal Chandelier

DIY Crystal Chandelier How do you turn an existing iron chandelier into a crystal chandelier for less than $30?  It's easy! Supplies: - Christmas ornament wire hangers - Crystal garland - 60 foot faux crystal beads - 2" Crystal teardrops (1 per every-other chandelier arm + all upper tiers) - 2 1/2" - 3" Crystal teardrops (1 per every-other chandelier arm - bottom tier only) Instructions: - Use the Christmas ornament wire hangers to hang the crystals on each arm.  I used the smaller crystals on the entire top tier.  Then I alternated big, small, big, small, etc. on the lowest tier.  I also used 1 ornament hanger to connect 2 of the large crystals, then draped them (plus 1 other pair - for 4 large crystals total) over the center ball that hangs down in the bottom - middle of the chandelier. - Count out how many of the garland beads you want to hang down.  In other words, what is a good draping length.  For mine, 13 beads looked good between the chandelier arms. - Drape that number of garland beads, and hook the crystal through the ring that connects the garland strand.  For example, I counted 13 beads, then hung the crystal teardrop IN the ring between the 13th and 14th crystal of the crystal garland. - Do the same thing with the top tier. That's it!  It's so easy, and it adds sparkle to a simple wrought iron chandelier.  For variation, you can also spray paint your chandelier beforehand.  In my daughter's room, we painted her chandelier ivory.  When she leaves for her gap year and then college, I plan on adding crystals to that too. Enjoy! xoxo Kirin … [Read more...]

Keeping Warm With Neutrals

Keeping Warm With Neutrals One of my favorite sayings is, "Life is too short to wear beige."  I should add to that, "unless it's lined with fur and paired with leopard."  :) This neutral, 1950's-early 160's vintage fur trimmed coat is one of the most versatile outerwear pieces I own. My husband is from a small town in northern Minnesota and one year we went to a thrift store and I found 2 of the most amazing vintage coats.  With my husband starting a new medical practice, student loan payments from medical school to repay, and a tiny apartment - our first ever without a roommate - I could only afford to buy one of those gorgeous coats.  This was the one.  I'm still madly in love with it.  The simple lines, the warmth, and the elegance make this a true classic!  To keep things fresh I paired it with these adorable leopard heels. What do you wear your neutral pieces with? Wishing you a happy Monday! Kirin Coat: vintage - but find something similar HERE, plus size - HERE, and HERE (on sale!) Shoes BCBGeneration - DSW … [Read more...]

So Scottsdale

So Scottsdale "I don't give a flying fig if something is the latest style.  Does it make your curves look va-va-voom?  Does it make you feel beautiful?  Then wear it!" This is how the feature from So Scottsdale magazine starts. Read the full article HERE **The handsome guy on the top of the page is my brilliant (and cute!) hubby Dr. Alan Christianson.  So don't be confused when you see his feature page first.** Dress: vintage Fashion by Robert Black Shoes: DSW Earrings: Stefanie Somers … [Read more...]

Feminine Orange Coat

Feminine Orange Coat Love the feminine shape and vibrant color of this vintage coat.  When paired with neutral and modern accessories, you would never guess this coat is over 40 years old!  Do you ever wear vintage?  How do you make it look fresh and new? Coat: Fashion by Robert Black Shoes: Purse: Vince Camuto (on sale at DSW) Sunglasses: Yves Saint Lauren - (on sale at Amazon) … [Read more...]

Fabulous SALE

Fabulous Sale Remember how I got this gorgeous pleated yellow gown for only $11 in a recent blog post?  (Because I used gift cards so the remaining balance was $11).  Well guess what?  It's on super-duper deluxe sale now.  It's not $11, but you also don't have to use gift certificates either. Enjoy! xoxo Kirin Dress: Laundry by Shelli Segal  Jewelry: vintage from Fashion by Robert Black Photo credit: Kristin Heggli Valley Ho Hotel, Scottsdale, AZ … [Read more...]

Gorgeous Green

Gorgeous Green Well it's happened.  It's finally become cool enough in Arizona to need a coat most least for an hour or two. A classy vintage green pea-coat is a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit without a reindeer or christmas tree design in sight.  And the fun lining keeps things light-hearted and fun on the inside, and elegant on the outside.  Enjoy your cooler weather.  Are you getting into the holiday spirit yet? xoxo Kirin Coat: 1970's vintage - Fashion by Robert Black Dress: Miguelina - similar styles here, and here Shoes: Betsy Johnson Earrings: Amrita Singh … [Read more...]

Pretty Purple

Pretty Purple In honor of the Miss Arizona USA pageant that concluded yesterday I decided to wear this gorgeous custom purple gown and vintage pink fur stole. ....Except I didn't make it to the pageant.  My husband just had surgery a few days ago, so I stayed home to be with him.  (Even big, strong men love to be taken care of when they are down....and happy marriages happen when you take care of your partner - especially in the tough times). I met the gown designer of JM Couture at a trunk show my friend held at her boutique Glam Squad in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He has gorgeous designs and ultimately I chose this gown because of the versatility.  It's made of a lightweight and stretchy jersey fabric.  It's easy to roll up and pack into a carryon bag and it looks fresh and ready to wear after you land in some fabulous destination. And the best part?  You can wear it backwards or frontwards.  In other words, it's a V-neck or it's a boat-neck.  You choose. After meeting with Jim, I told him as much as black is a classic color, I seldom wear black.  I wanted this gown but in a fun color that was more "me."  He sent me a dozen colors and patterns to choose from.  I chose this pretty purple because it's nice to positively stand out when you go to a black-tie event and everyone else is wearing black.  Nothing wrong with wanting to make an entrance when you walk into a room, right?  :)   Within a week or two he shipped it to me and viola! Dress: JM Couture Shoes: Valentino Fur: Vintage from Fashion by Robert Black Earrings: Stefani Somers … [Read more...]

Vintage Fringe and Gems

Vintage Fringe and Gems Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like green fringe and bling, right?!  See more about this outfit (and 5 others) on TODAY's episode of "Your Life A to Z" BTW, I'm not sure why the closeup of the necklace is so blurry. Vintage 1960's dress: Fashion by Robert Black Necklace (vintage stones in a new setting): Jewels by Alan Anderson - *no two pieces are ever the same Shoes: Steve Madden - Similar style HERE … [Read more...]

Flying to New York

I usually only wear jeans or pants of some sort when it's too cold to wear a skirt.  My sunny state has been pretty gorgeous, but I'm flying to New York to judge the Mrs. NY America pageant - and it's going to be much colder there!  Right?  So I'll wear these skinny jeans, shoes (easy to take on and off during airport security), and coat both there and back.  Only my shirt will change (to another black shirt so it's easy to coordinate). Coat: Anne Klein Jeans: JLow - from Khols Shirt: Cynthia Rowley - from Marshalls Shoes: Vince Camuto - DSW Purse: Michael Kors … [Read more...]

Fabulous Arizona Feature

Fabulous Arizona Feature Thank you Fabulous Arizona​ for the feature! Read it HERE Growing up I literally hated myself. I hated my bright red hair. I hated being so tall so that something as simple as walking from point A to point B was the most awkward thing ever. I hated standing out....and then something changed. Suddenly I LOVED standing out. (Unless I dyed my hair brown - which I did BTW, and it was brown with lots and lots of red - so even then, there was no way to "hide"). So I did the next best thing. I stood up tall and looked in the know, the old fashion equivalent of taking a selfie. :) And I focused on the POSITIVES. What were the things I could improve? (hello brand new boobies after nursing 2 children....ok, that came much later - but still, as long as your are breathing, you deserve to work on making the most of each day of your life) What were the things I could HIGHLIGHT? What were the things that I could do to IMPROVE THE WORLD (which can start in your own home, and neighborhood) regardless of how I looked?! Those were the things I focused on. And suddenly, life became magical. I met the man of my dreams 20 years ago and I'm still madly in love with him. He's THE nicest guy in the ever! My kids are great - yes, even the roller-coaster ride with a hormonal teenage daughter - (WTH?! LOL) - has been overall good. I'm excited to see what decisions she will make.....and I'm sure like all of us, there will be a few good *head smack* moments in there. So go out there and look in the mirror...or take a selfie. :) And see what YOU can do today to make the world a better place....FOR YOUR LIFE AND FOR OTHERS! Thank you to women like Cynthia Sassi​ and her site, Fabulous Arizona - who LIFT other women up and motivate and inspire us all to live a rich and full life. Warmest thanks to women like her! Wishing YOU a beautiful and inspired day. Read the article HERE Warmly, Kirin … [Read more...]

Send-Off Party for Miss World America

Send-Off Party for Miss World America One of my dear friends, Victoria Mendoza, is Miss World America and she will spend 30 days in China representing the United States at the prestigious and oldest international pageant, Miss World.  (You can watch the final competition on E! December 19th) Recently she had her send off party and God must have been smiling down on her because it warmed up to the high 80's and it was a gorgeous (albeit WARM!) fall day here in sunny Arizona.  So much for the cute wintery outfit I had planned. I wanted to wear my new burgundy shoes - but still haven't found the perfect matching accessories - so I dug out this $15 off-the-shoulder "Bardot" dress from, tossed in some inexpensive (but fabulous) earrings from Vegas from a few years ago, a ginormous cocktail ring I purchased 10 years ago, and added a gorgeous, vintage, Judith Leiber beaded purse I splurged on for my 40th birthday.  Viola, a fall-inspired look perfect for the hot Arizona sun, but glamorous enough to send off our Miss World America in style! Dress: Shoes: Charles David - at DSW Purse: vintage Judith Leiber - current styles HERE Lipliner - Mac Spice   … [Read more...]

A Girls Night Out

  A Girls Night Out Don't you love having those friends who support you (and you support them) through all of life's ups and downs?  And the coolest thing is when your life gets to a point that you support your friends, by supporting - and cheering for - their daughters.  Because we need to show the younger girls the importance of women lifting women up too. My friend's daughter competed in her very first pageant.  Most of my best friends I've met through pageantry so I love and support them - and any other endeavor that challenges you to be the best version of yourself.  This is what I wore to her pageant. The dress and coat cost $10 TOTAL. Dress: $10 sidewalk sale - Vintage - Fashion by Robert Black Lace coat: Free - from a friend's yard sale.  Similar styles HERE. and HERE Shoes: B by Brian Atwood Purse: Vintage - estate sale - Similar style HERE … [Read more...]