6 Tips to Revive Your Youthful Beauty

Feel Fabulous!6 Tips to Revive Your Youthful Beauty

Have you ever looked in the mirror and saw Superwoman staring back at you? That’s right, small miracles happen 24/7 because of your superhuman powers. You make school lunches during a business call. You eradicate tantrums and meltdowns while applying mascara. And dinner (eventually) gets cooked as you blog on the kitchen counter. As the heroine of your family, home and business, you’re a strong and empowered force—most of the time. Unfortunately, super powers can’t fight exhaustion, wrinkles and stray gray hairs. Yes, ladies, every 365 days we do add one more candle to the birthday cake.

Your Superwoman self knows aging is a beautiful part of womanhood, but every gal needs a pick-me-up every so often. It’s time to rejuvenate your youthful beauty and revive your playful side with these tips:

Embrace the New Hot

“Elle Macpherson might be the hottest 50-year-old woman ever,” wrote Elite Daily, a website that bills itself as “The Voice of Generation Y.” Sure, but Macpherson comes from exceptionally blessed genetics and commits to a stringent lifestyle the average woman couldn’t replicate. We’re all women, and we should all celebrate the shared experience of womanhood and growing older. Elle’s halfway to 100 and rockin’ it. You can, too, by confidently embracing the sexiness of your age. Follow in the footsteps of Hollywood starlets Diane Lane, Gwen Stefani, Sophia Vergara and Cameron Diaz, who have all passed the 40-year mark proving that a woman can get hotter with age.

Get a Fierce New Look

Sheryl Crow sang it best: “A change would do you good.” Change is good. Make a change with a jolt of color. Show off fire engine red lipstick during your next luncheon. Freshen your tresses with a lighter and brighter hue. Make bright clothing statements, or use color blocking to make daring fashion impressions. If you want to feel young, be fierce and turn heads.

Try a Little Retail Therapy

Luckily, our digital devices provide instant access to online storefronts, where we’ll find beautiful things to put into our virtual shopping carts and then our closets. Splurge for an iconic Eliza J dress or a luxury Coach designer handbag to get a hot, trendy boost to your look. Retail therapy is like dipping your toe in the fountain of youth.

Get Fancy

Can’t remember the last time you wore heels or walked out of the house feeling like a 10? Ladies, ditch your black elastic-waist yoga pants and pull out the ponytails. Plan a special date night or GNO to glam it up—because you deserve it. Feeling feminine and beautiful will take you back to the memorable moments of your younger years like your wedding day, first date or prom night. This is your night to dazzle and sparkle; the more beads and frills, the better. It’s your night to twinkle and make you forget about dirty diapers and overdue deadlines.

Sweat It Out

Still struggling with dragging energy levels, no matter how much bronzer and under-eye concealer you apply? Lethargy wears on your appearance, and appearing tired is just a kinder way of saying you looked weathered by the years. Along with a clean diet and proper hydration, you need to exercise to break chronic fatigue and boost energy levels. Challenge yourself; maybe it’s time you tested your limits with CrossFit, hot yoga, marathon training or boxing. Not only will a new fitness regimen perk you up, it will make you glow with confidence.

Beauty Sleep

If you’re living the Superwoman lifestyle, you’re probably sacrificing sleep. Adequate shut-eye preserves your beauty, healthy skin and youthful accents. Drop-dead gorgeous starlets Penelope Cruz and Heidi Klum have once claimed to get at least 10 hours of sleep a night, shares Hip & Healthy, proving that sleep is a beauty essential for replenishing the skin and enhancing mental well-being. Commit to a reasonable bed time every night and put away technology. Sleep will brighten your peepers and produce a vibrant aura to look more like a natural beauty than a killer zombie the next day.


Abby Terlecki sees herself as one of those creative writer-types who always prefers to tell stories with her keyboard than through her mouth. When Abby’s not writing freelance articles, text messages, to-do lists, or CrossFit scores, she’s practicing her craft as a full-time writer for a marketing agency in Phoenix, Arizona.

The 12 MAKEUP BRUSHES You Need to Look Your Most Gorgeous – Kelly Wisniewski

Lets talk golf.  Yep golf.  

When I was an artist at Saks Fifth Ave I had the pleasure of selling some of the best brushes in the business.  Many of the customers would ask why they needed more than one or two( eye ) brushes and I would explain it like this: You know how all golf clubs look the same but hit the ball differently? Well brushes are the same way.  The brush will pick up and place product differently so that the effect will be lighter or heavier depending on the brushes size , shape and hair. All of these are factors to take into consideration.

When choosing a brush there are key elements to understand:  the longer the hair, the softer the hair, the more sheer the application.  Synthetic hair is best for wet and or creams; short , stiff brushes are best for blending/smoking liners and fluffy soft hairs are best for all over blending.

I have recently (last year) discovered the most wonderful tool in my arsenal , the Beauty Blender. This pink egg shaped wonder makes a foundation application look like the most flawless skin ever!!! Ive used other sponges and believe me when I say, There Is NO other!

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“BEST Mascara” – Cari Baker, Makeup Artist

Cari Baker, Makeup Artist

Cari Baker, Makeup Artist

“BEST Mascara I have EVER used” – Cari Baker, Makeup Artist

Oh the woes of a makeup artist.. Rarely do I get sucked into the vortex of “Its the next big thing, Its Amazing, It’ll change your life blah blah blah..”

But Urban Decay Cosmetics …with your shiny packaging and your promise of the Biggest Baddest Blackest lashes ever, I’ll be danged if you didn’t woo me to the add To Cart button! [Read more...]

How to STOP Breakouts – Over 30 years old

photo (3)How to STOP Breakouts – Over 30 years old

For awhile there I had terrible skin. Breakouts all the time.

  • I was told it was hormones. 
  • I was told I needed expensive skincare products. 
  • I was told to change my pillow case every day. 
  • I was told to clean my cell phone daily.

But it took a lunch with my friend #jjVirgin - and she asked why the hell was I eating dairy….”doesn’t it make you break out?” Uhm, I honestly didn’t know since my skin still looked terrible – even after I did all of the above. 

You see, eating healthy is something I love. So, I used to eat low fat cottage cheese and organic milk every day because it was ‘healthy’.

Almost immediately after STOPPING ALL DAIRY – my skin cleared and stays clear…until I eat dairy again.

Are you over 30 with skin that breaks out? Have you tried eliminating dairy? Eliminate dairy and eat/drink 8-10 servings of veggies EVERY DAY to dramatically change your skin.  See my Beauty Juice Recipe HERE

And yes, the more things you do, the better your skin will be.  So…..

  • Use skin care with active ingredients (like retinal, salicylic acid, etc.) – 30-90 days to see results
  • Get your hormones balanced by a naturopathic physician or endocronologist who specializes in hormones (sometimes it’s something as simple as getting a prescription for birth control) – 30-90 days to see results
  • Eliminate dairy (That means EVERYTHING dairy) – 1-3 weeks to see results
  • Consume 8-10 servings veggies daily (eat them or drink them) – 1-3 weeks to see results

What have you noticed makes a big difference in how your skin looks?

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Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Beauty Expert Rachelle McCraySpring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Spring is in the air.  That means it’s time to spring clean your closet and your cosmetics….but let’s thing about it as spring cleaning for fun things!  Because I’m going to show you a way to get rid of what isn’t making you look and feel like the BOMBSHELL and Red Haute Mama that you are, AND help you use your newfound space to add FREE pieces of clothing, accessories, and beauty products to your bombshell arsenal.  


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How to Dress Younger – (And Still Look Age Appropriate)

My Daughter is 16

My Daughter is 16

How to Dress Younger – (And Still Look Age Appropriate)

It’s official.  I feel old.

My daughter is now 16.  My friends who are older than I am are just starting to have babies, so you and I both know I’m not really old.  But boy-oh-boy there is something about YOUR children getting older that makes you feel older.

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Unconventional Ways to Recharge Yourself

Girls Weekend Road Trip

Girls Weekend Road Trip

Unconventional Ways to Recharge Yourself

Last night I did something I’ve never done before…..I refused to cook dinner. I also refused to go out. You see, it’s so easy to feel that your family isn’t appreciating you and your culinary (or lack of culinary) talents and just feel like you’re going through the same motions again and again. [Read more...]

Want to Eat More Greens That Actually Taste Good?

Broccoli-flowerWant to Eat More Greens That Actually Taste Good?

Green veggies are amazing for your skin.   They help clear your skin.  Greens also help to help draw out impurities.  They make you GLOW!
Here is my favorite crispy kale recipe.  It’s FAST, EASY and is PERFECTLY crisp!  Even your kids will eat it.
  • Wash and thoroughly dry kale
  • Place on a glass plate (ceramic doesn’t heat as evenly) – Do NOT overlap
  • Spray with your favorite oil (we like canola or olive oil spray)
  • Salt to your taste
  • Microwave 2 1/2 minutes
  • Flip over
  • Microwave for another 2 1/2 minutes
Enjoy your perfectly crisped kale!  We eat this for dinner, snacks, or bring with when we are on the go.  Just remember to bring water in case you get any stuck in-between your teeth so you can slosh it around.
Another of my favorite recipes is a shake.
  • 2 cups Almond Milk
  • 2 cups Fresh spinach/kale (or 3/4 – 1 cup of frozen spinach/kale)
  • 1/2 cup of Frozen blueberries
  • Blend
  • (add more liquid to make it more liquidy, or add ice to make it more slushy)

Q: Cheap Mascara – Yes or No?

imageQ: Hey Red Haute Mama,
Please let me know what your favorite drug store mascaras are. I’ve used Chanel, Dior, Tarte, Lancôme and I’m not convinced they’re superior to the cheapies.

Nancy – Santa Barbara, CA

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