How to Spend $11 on a $350 Evening Gown

Yellow gown from SaksMoney is a taboo topic and something I normally don’t talk about. But I’m a BARGAIN shopping lover. And as someone who had very little growing up I love finding ways to stretch a dollar.

For example I bought this gorgeous $350 dress from Saks 5th Avenue for $11. Yep, ELEVEN DOLLARS! How? Easy. [Read more…]

Are you a shoe lover? Are you a bargain shopper?

Shoes glorious shoesAre you a shoe lover? Are you a bargain shopper?

I ask because I am both. One of my favorite ways to save money is to shop at a store that gives you points for every $ you spend. My favorite SHOE store that does this is the discount shoe outlet, DSW. When they ask you if you’d like to become a member, say “YES!”   [Read more…]

Bikini Mom at 40?

bikini mom

Bikini Mom at 40?

Recently I was inspired to wear a bikini in a photo because of a viral photo of another mom. To be honest, it was scary to wear something other than a 1 piece. Heck, it’s one thing to wear a bikini for your vacation where you’ll never see anyone again (and you can delete any photos of you in it)! It’s a whole ‘nother thing to have an image of you in a bikini immortalized forever in a photo. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. Yes I’m 40 [Read more…]

Hidden Crown Hair Extensions

halo crown hair extensionsHidden Crown Hair Extensions

LOVE my new Halo Crown hair extensions!

If you have super-fine hair (like I do), that means extensions with clips will not stay in.  You NEED a clip-less extension. This one is fantastic – and I haven’t even trimmed it yet. (A trim will do wonders to seamlessly blend your hair with your extensions – for the most natural look).

Thank you Shelley Goodstein for telling me about this fabulous company!


Disclaimer: I am good friends with the owner of Halo Crown and I love her product.  However, I do not receive payment for telling you the truth about how fabulous I think her product is.  If a product is great, I’ll share it with you.  If it’s not, I REFUSE to promote a product I don’t like (even if the company is owned by a friend).  Because if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all!  :)

Adrenal Reset Diet

dr christianson kirin wife adrenal reset diet

Adrenal Reset Diet

Your adrenals affect your weight, your mental focus, how well you sleep, and your overall health.   You may know that my hubby is the BRILLIANT (and totally sexy) doctor who wrote the NYT Bestselling book, the Adrenal Reset Diet, right?

Here’s what Random House Publishers says about it:

   Why are people gaining weight faster than ever before?  The idea that people simply eat too much is no longer supported by science.  The emerging idea is that weight gain is a survival response.  Our bodies are under attack from all directions—an overabundance of processed food, a polluted world, and the pressures of daily life all take their toll.  These attacks hit a little known but very important set of glands, the adrenals, particularly hard. 
   One of their many jobs is to maintain a normal cortisol rhythm (cortisol is a hormone associated with both stress and fat storage).  When this rhythm is off, we can become overwhelmed more quickly, fatigued, gain weight, and eventually, develop even more severe health issues such as heart disease or diabetes. Unsuspecting dieters cause more harm than good by reducing the number of calories or carbohydrates they consume, which can disrupt cortisol production and cause weight gain.  
   In The Adrenal Reset Diet, Dr. Alan Christianson provides a pioneering plan for optimal function of these small but powerful organs. His patient-tested weight-loss program is the culmination of decades of clinical experience and over 75,000 patient-care visits. In a study at his clinic, participants on the Adrenal Reset Diet reset their cortisol levels by over 50% while losing an average of over 2 inches off their waists and 9 pounds of weight in 30 days.  What can you expect?  dr alan christianson adrenal reset diet   • Learn whether your adrenals are Stressed, Wired and Tired, or Crashed and which adrenal tonics, exercises, and foods are best for you 

   • The clinically proven shakes, juices, and other delicious recipes, to use for your Reset
   • New ways to turn off the triggers of weight gain with carbohydrate cycling, circadian repair, and simple breathing exercises
   • An easy 7-day ARD eating plan to move your and your adrenals from Surviving to Thriving”

And he has given tons of interviews and advice about this topic.  One of my favorites is the one he did with our friend Joe Polish.  You can listen to it HERE.

adrenal reset diet alan christiansonIf you think your adrenals are out of whack and you’d like step-by-step help so you can lose weight, go from stressed to thriving, then click HERE for a FREE gift to help you.

Hairspray to Stop the Jiggles?

Hairspray to stop the jigglesHairspray to Stop the Jiggles?

YES! Some beauty secrets that models use backstage that you’ll want to know about for your next holiday event.

My gorgeous friend, and 50 year old Cover Girl model, Shelley Goodstein shares these supermodel secrets with you

Watch her video HERE

The Biggest Secret to Glowing Skin, Flat Tummy & Healthy Attitude

The Biggest Secret to Glowing Skin, Flat Tummy & Healthy AttitudeThe biggest secret to have glowing skin, a flat tummy, and a healthy attitude?

It’s easy.  Surprisingly easy.  Here are the steps:  [Read more…]

Gluten Free & Vegan Pumpkin Protein Bars

The finished product!  So proud of how well these turned out and how delicious they taste!

The finished product! So proud of how well these turned out and how delicious they taste!

Gluten Free & Vegan Pumpkin Protein Bars

(with optional coconut and walnuts sprinkled on top)

There’s something about the word “pumpkin” that makes women everywhere giddy.  I think it has to do with the changing of the seasons, cozying up next to a fireplace (preferably with your sweetheart), and relaxing and enjoying your life. Well I LOVE pumpkin desserts, but I don’t do eggs, dairy, or sugar.  So

I wanted to create healthy pumpkin recipe because so many recipes have eggs, and dairy, and gluten, and sugar.  I stay away from all of those things, but especially sugar.  Sugar makes me depressed and crabby,  and my kids wonder why I’m suddenly so grumpy after eating it.  (To find out more check out JJ Virgin’s new book, Sugar Impact.  It’s scary how many “healthy” foods HIDE sugar!)  So I created a recipe last night and they came out amazing. They’re gluten free and vegan pumpkin protein bars….or you can call them little healthy slices of heaven.  I wanted to add a little bit of coconut and walnuts on top.  You don’t have to.  Hubby did NOT want any coconut because it would make it too sweet.  That’s why only half of the bars have it.


Here’s the recipe:

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Servings: 12-18


1 cup of RESET protein powder – vanilla flavored (or use a pea based protein of your choice)
2 cups ground oats (blend until powdery in your blender)
1 cup pumpkin puree
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup unsweetened coconut milk or almond milk
1 very ripe banana
1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
3/4 tbs freshly grated ginger
2 tablespoons of oil (I used what was in my kitchen since I didn’t have time to go grocery shopping – so I used extra virgin olive oil)

Optional ingredients:

  • Coconut sprinkled on top
  • Walnuts sprinkled on top

Uncooked gluten-free, vegan pumpkin bars just before going in the oven

Uncooked gluten-free, vegan pumpkin bars just before going in the oven


Preheat oven to 350°
Lightly spray pan with oil. Use a glass rectangular casserole pan for best results
Mix dry ingredients together
Mix wet ingredients together
Combine the dry and wet ingredients.  Blend or stir until creamy.  (You can even just use a fork!  Super simple!)
Spread evenly in your pan

OPTIONAL: Sprinkle your walnuts on top (be sure to gently press them into the batter so they don’t fall off as you’re eating them once your bars are done)
Sprinkle coconut shreds across the top


What did you think?  How did you like it?  Did you make any modifications?  Tell me about your experience below.


3 Healthy Habits To Help You Look Younger Without Botox

3 Healthy Habits To Help You Look Younger Without Botox

Do you have those days when you start to feel (or heck, LOOK) your age?

Back spasms (where the heck did THAT come from?!), you can’t sleep, you always feel fatigued, and you are losing your mind….no really, you can’t remember anything anymore – so you are truly losing your mind!  Right?!?!

However, you see women get older and look pretty good. How do they do it? By staying fit and taking care of themselves in creative ways that you don’t always see in the magazines. Learn to “embrace your age.” Here are a few suggestions.

Go to the Barre (You Won’t Find Margaritas at This ‘Bar’)

barre workout

Anything BARRE is an awesome way to stay fit and with it’s popularity increasing you can find barre classes in almost every city.  (Bonus – the classes are almost always 100% women…..Nothing against the guys, but I am not a fan of all their grunting and groaning and meat-market vibes they give off when they are working out with/near you at traditional gyms).  But if you have to travel too far to use this killer workout that keeps celebs like Taylor Swift lean, then there are several fabulous videos you can buy online.  My all-time favorite (and the one that helped me get ready for my first national competition – wearing a bikini on stage – AFTER having children is Exhale Core Fusion Body Sculpt.   There are tons of fabulous ones out there, but this one is still my favorite.

Take a Bath – aka “Meditation”


You’re stressed.  You have 20 MILLION things to do, places to be, kids’ schedules to organize (and lunches to pack), and you’re starting from a point of fatigue, burnout and “holy crap I forgot about …..”  So the LAST thing you actually do have is time.  Especially time to do nothing….which is how I always viewed meditation.  Now I see meditation as a long, steamy bubble bath with L’Occitane Shea Foaming Cream.  OMGosh it’s freaking heaven!

Here’s the deal.  You KNOW physical appearance isn’t the whole ball of wax.  You can workout and get a rock-hard 20 year old’s body -it may be hard, but if that’s how you want to spend your time, it’s totally doable.  But if you don’t keep yourself fit on the inside, the whole fitness thing is moot….and you’ll frown more….which causes wrinkles.

Meditation is all about learning how to give 100 percent of your attention to focus on one thing.  All you need to do is learn a meditation technique that will help you breathe in a way that provides tranquility and allows you to benefit by the serene feeling and overall well-being that meditating provides. T he benefits from meditation are crazy good for how you feel.  It reduces panic attacks, relieves stress, and increases your general feeling of happiness.

Which all translates to you feeling calmer – so your ‘stressed-out-face’ wrinkles don’t come out to play as often.

Pop a Pill…..Better Known as  – Vitamins

Supplements - pills and leaves

Let’s look at a few things that will reduce and prevent those wrinkles without it being “so much work.”

Meditation is part of being fit on the inside, and vitamins are an essential part of that too. While you are taking the very minimal amount of Vitamin A and C that you need for your insides, slather some on the outside of your body, too.

Applying Vitamin A and C topically is like getting a mini face-lift.  When you get a face cream, look for retinoids listed in the ingredients, such as Retinol or Renova. Those are the pharmaceutical names for Topical Vitamin A. Look for Topical Vitamin C in a serum.

Which healthy habit are you going to try first?

6 Tips to Revive Your Youthful Beauty

Feel Fabulous!6 Tips to Revive Your Youthful Beauty

Have you ever looked in the mirror and saw Superwoman staring back at you? That’s right, small miracles happen 24/7 because of your superhuman powers. You make school lunches during a business call. You eradicate tantrums and meltdowns while applying mascara. And dinner (eventually) gets cooked as you blog on the kitchen counter. As the heroine of your family, home and business, you’re a strong and empowered force—most of the time. Unfortunately, super powers can’t fight exhaustion, wrinkles and stray gray hairs. Yes, ladies, every 365 days we do add one more candle to the birthday cake.

Your Superwoman self knows aging is a beautiful part of womanhood, but every gal needs a pick-me-up every so often. It’s time to rejuvenate your youthful beauty and revive your playful side with these tips:

Embrace the New Hot

“Elle Macpherson might be the hottest 50-year-old woman ever,” wrote Elite Daily, a website that bills itself as “The Voice of Generation Y.” Sure, but Macpherson comes from exceptionally blessed genetics and commits to a stringent lifestyle the average woman couldn’t replicate. We’re all women, and we should all celebrate the shared experience of womanhood and growing older. Elle’s halfway to 100 and rockin’ it. You can, too, by confidently embracing the sexiness of your age. Follow in the footsteps of Hollywood starlets Diane Lane, Gwen Stefani, Sophia Vergara and Cameron Diaz, who have all passed the 40-year mark proving that a woman can get hotter with age.

Get a Fierce New Look

Sheryl Crow sang it best: “A change would do you good.” Change is good. Make a change with a jolt of color. Show off fire engine red lipstick during your next luncheon. Freshen your tresses with a lighter and brighter hue. Make bright clothing statements, or use color blocking to make daring fashion impressions. If you want to feel young, be fierce and turn heads.

Try a Little Retail Therapy

Luckily, our digital devices provide instant access to online storefronts, where we’ll find beautiful things to put into our virtual shopping carts and then our closets. Splurge for an iconic Eliza J dress or a luxury Coach designer handbag to get a hot, trendy boost to your look. Retail therapy is like dipping your toe in the fountain of youth.

Get Fancy

Can’t remember the last time you wore heels or walked out of the house feeling like a 10? Ladies, ditch your black elastic-waist yoga pants and pull out the ponytails. Plan a special date night or GNO to glam it up—because you deserve it. Feeling feminine and beautiful will take you back to the memorable moments of your younger years like your wedding day, first date or prom night. This is your night to dazzle and sparkle; the more beads and frills, the better. It’s your night to twinkle and make you forget about dirty diapers and overdue deadlines.

Sweat It Out

Still struggling with dragging energy levels, no matter how much bronzer and under-eye concealer you apply? Lethargy wears on your appearance, and appearing tired is just a kinder way of saying you looked weathered by the years. Along with a clean diet and proper hydration, you need to exercise to break chronic fatigue and boost energy levels. Challenge yourself; maybe it’s time you tested your limits with CrossFit, hot yoga, marathon training or boxing. Not only will a new fitness regimen perk you up, it will make you glow with confidence.

Beauty Sleep

If you’re living the Superwoman lifestyle, you’re probably sacrificing sleep. Adequate shut-eye preserves your beauty, healthy skin and youthful accents. Drop-dead gorgeous starlets Penelope Cruz and Heidi Klum have once claimed to get at least 10 hours of sleep a night, shares Hip & Healthy, proving that sleep is a beauty essential for replenishing the skin and enhancing mental well-being. Commit to a reasonable bed time every night and put away technology. Sleep will brighten your peepers and produce a vibrant aura to look more like a natural beauty than a killer zombie the next day.


Abby Terlecki sees herself as one of those creative writer-types who always prefers to tell stories with her keyboard than through her mouth. When Abby’s not writing freelance articles, text messages, to-do lists, or CrossFit scores, she’s practicing her craft as a full-time writer for a marketing agency in Phoenix, Arizona.