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Hey Red Haute Mama,

I am going to a wedding this Saturday and it’s been a while now that I’ve been planning to get some new make-up for special occasions.  Of course being so busy I have left this to the last minute – going shopping tomorrow, which leaves me absolutely no time for trial and error…LOL.  I’m just wondering if there are there any particular brands or types of make-up that you recommend or definitely don’t recommend?  I’ve been thinking about trying mineral make-up: good idea or bad idea?
Any tips for me?
Jessica, Los Angeles, CA


Well I know you are going to look gorgeous Jessica, that’s for sure!  Mineral makeup is okay, but for totally goof proof looking skin, use a “foundation to powder” product instead.  It goes on like a cream, and gives you a photo finish complexion in 1 step.  (Keeps it easy for you too which is nice!)  There are several brands that have this.  One of my fav department store brands is  Lancome.  They also have a great sales team who are highly educated on all of their other products so it could be a great one-stop-shop for you.  (Don’t get their mascara though – it makes your lashes gorgeous, but it totally flakes and smudges!)
If you have your heart set on mineral makeup, it does do a great job of providing coverage and still goes on lightweight. The foundation to powder products can be a bit heavier – which is great for special occasions – especially where photos will be taken, but the mineral makeup is better for everyday.  So you might get more use out of mineral makeup.  One thing I find is that mineral makeup tends to enhance and highlight wrinkles.  If you are getting injections regularly or you don’t have wrinkles yet, it’s fine.  But if you have fine lines it settles in and can make you look even older.  If this is the case, don’t powder near your eye area…or any other place you have fine lines.
I love  MAC, but their foundations tend to break me out, so I stay away from their foundations and powders.  But they are FABULOUS for all of their eye, cheek and lip colors – the colors are true, you don’t need a lot, and they last!  And their sales team is also one of the best around – they are great at teaching you how to apply products too.  You can even schedule a makeup lesson for a small fee.
I’d suggest waterproof mascara for this occasion.  Maybeline Great Lash, and Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume – both have waterproof formulas – are my favorites!
Have a great time!
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