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Red Haute Mama of the Week


Our new segment, Red Haute Mama of the Week will feature one fabulous Red Haute Mama.  The idea behind Red Haute Mama is the personal transformation you have when you look and feel amazing.

Some transformations take time. But Sarah is a perfect example of how you can completely change your look (and your outlook) with a quick clothing, hair and makeup change.  (Great lighting doesn’t hurt either)

She’s proof positive that YOU have what it takes RIGHT NOW to be a Red Haute Mama!

Introducing our FIRST ever Red Haute Mama of the Week:


Meet Sarah from Phoenix, Arizona

First name, city, age, and how many children do you have.

Sarah, Phoenix, 33, one daughter


Your occupation, company website -if you have one, hobbies, interests 

Stay-at-Home Mom

Pageant Director at

Freelance Makeup Artist at Hobbies:  photography, hiking, traveling, art, camping


What is your favorite beauty advice/tip – skin?

MOISTURIZE!!!!  Don’t forget the SPF!


What is your favorite beauty advice/tip – hair? 

Splurge on a professional quality blowdryer & brush.  With those tools, you CAN recreate the look you got at the salon every day.


What is your favorite beauty advice/tip – body? 

Drink lots of water, exfoliate, and moisturize.  


What is your favorite beauty advice/tip – miscellaneous?

Use olive oil for everything….hair, skin, lips, diet, you name it!


How have you changed from your before photo to your after photo?

By changing out of my baggy mens’ clothes, I instantly appear to lose 10-20 lbs, and transform into a curvy, haute mama!  It’s easy to forget what’s under my “scrubby mom clothes” (my husband’s quote :/) so being put together head to toes and knowing I look my best gives me the confidence to know that as a business woman, mom, and wife, I can be the total package.


What is your favorite quote?

Love anyway.


Anything else you’d like to share?

When you see yourself in a mirror, before you notice your wrinkles or your saddlebags (you get the point!), stop and smile at yourself.  Say a few kind words to your reflection, notice sparkle in your eye, and focus on the things that make you beautifully you.  It makes the rest easier to swallow ;)


Do you have a fabulous Red Haute Makeover you’d like to share?

If you would like to be featured as a Red Haute Mama of the Week, please email a “before” and “after” photo of yourself and share a little bit about why you should be featured – to

Good luck!  And Special thanks to Sarah for sharing her personal transformation with us!  What do you think?  Share your thoughts below!

About Kirin

Kirin Christianson+, is the founder of Red Haute Mama, an online community to provide expertise in 'all things glam.' From toes to tresses, no nook goes uncovered without examination. Red Haute Mama steers you toward the holy grail of glamor.

Growing up, Kirin didn’t have a lot, and everything was pretty ordinary - including her. On the outside she was an insecure, gangly, red-headed girl. But on the inside, she was a street-smart brainiac determined to make her way.

How did she do it? She took a long, hard look in the mirror. And there it was. Something wonderful - potential! So she turned that red hair to ravishing, whipped those freckles into creamy white skin, and traded in the Keds for kitten heels.
The result? Me-ow!

What happened next? What didn’t! She became a model for print and television, a trainer for runway, a business mogul and a mom! A red haute mom, that is.

That’s her story from red crayon to red lipstick. So come on girls - let’s start writing yours!


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