Red Haute Mamas Kim & Shannon – Fit Mom Diet

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Red Haute Mamas Kim & Shannon – Fit Mom Diet

This week you get to meet not one, but TWO fabulous Red Haute Mama’s.  Each Red Haute Mama I select to be featured has a different story to share.  The reason Kim and Shannon were selected for two reasons.  1) They felt unhappy with how they FELT, so they made choices to FEEL better.  (They happen to LOOK amazing too – but it started with wanting to feel better).  2) They are driven to help other moms feel fabulous too.  I freakin’ love that!  

Here’s a little more about them.

1. First name, city, age and how many children you have.

- Scottsdale, Arizona, 39 years old, 2 kids
Shannon –  Chandler, Arizona, 33 years old, 2 kids

2. Your occupation, company website -if you have one, hobbies, interests

Kim – Commercial and Fitness Talent, Freelance Writer, Fit Mom Diet, owner
Running, cooking, reading, writing

– Athletic Trainer, Personal Trainer, Mom & Fit Mom Diet, owner
Lifting, running, all sports, cooking


3. What is your favorite beauty advice/tip – skin?

Kim – Drink water. Most people fail to drink enough water and proper hydrations will do wonders for your skin.

Shannon – Always wash your face at nice, even if you’re too tired to do it. Never pick your face (I need to use my own advice)


4. What is your favorite beauty advice/tip – hair?

Kim – Blow dry your hair on a cool setting. It takes a few minutes longer but it helps prevent breakage and keeps your hair healthy.

Shannon – Invest in dry shampoo or a bottle of baby powder. Takes 3 day dirty greasy hair to shiny and fresh (almost).


5. What is your favorite beauty advice/tip – body?

Kim - Eat clean and live fit! When you feed your body healthy food and move some everyday it will respond the way you want it to. A healthy balanced diet comprised of a well-rounded group of nutrient rich food will help you maintain and/or lose weight and feel energized.

Shannon – Be nice to your body. Everything in moderation from exercise to eating, even rest. LOVE YOUR BODY.


6. What is your favorite beauty advice/tip – miscellaneous?

Kim – Having a positive attitude and self-esteem is the most important thing you can give yourself. Additionally, achieving your goals, whether they be health and fitness, parenting, career or personal is closely linked to your self-perception. Take time to do things that empower you. Surround yourself with a support system who believe in you, tell yourself positive messages daily, pay careful attention to the internal dialogue in your mind to ensure that it is not defeating and read material that helps you feel like you can achieve your goals.

Shannon – Make time for yourself. With the hustle and bustle of life, it’s important to slow down and pamper yourself every few weeks, even if it’s a manicure or pedicure.


7. How have you changed from your before photo to your after photo?

Kim – My physical transformation is very obvious in the picture. What isn’t obvious was the mental transformation that happened along my weight loss journey. Committing to taking care of myself, eating clean and exercising had a tremendous impact on my happiness and self-esteem. At first my goal was simply to get in shape and lose weight. As I progressed it became less about achieving a great body and more about accomplishing personal goals, feeling empowered and being mentally well. I believe in looking at the “whole person”. Mental and physical wellness go hand-in-hand, and focusing on both of those things is important for me.

Shannon – Started taking care of ME by changing my exercise routine every few weeks, eating clean foods in their natural state and cutting back on splurge meals to once a week, not once a day. Once it clicked that ABS are made the kitchen, I stepped up my nutrition to another level.  I love to lift heavy and intense HIIT workouts. There is not need to spend hours in the gym, when you can get results be being efficient with your time.


8. What is your favorite quote?

Kim – Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”  AND  “Faith, living the dream before it becomes a reality.”

Shannon – If you have health, you probably will be happy, and if you have health and happiness, you have all the wealth you need, even if it is not all you want. ~ Elbert Hubbard ~


9. Anything else you’d like to share?

Kim – You can do anything you put your mind to. Many people are held back by fear. Ask yourself “what’s the worst that can happen?” and start chasing dreams and taking risks. YOU have to believe that anything is possible if you want it and are willing to patiently work for it. The moment you commit to that, you will succeed.

Shannon –  Don’t blame your childhood or past problems on why can’t have the body you love. I can hardly remember a time where my weight wasn’t an issue. As a preteen growing up in appearance-conscious California, I was teased about my weight. During college I developed an eating disorder that I battled for a year. But even though I have spent my career as a personal trainer and athletic trainer, my weight continued to be an issue. After shedding 50 pounds of baby weight, I am excited to share my passion for a healthy lifestyle with other women and moms, helping them achieve their personal health and wellness goals. 

Don’t you simply LOVE these fabulous ladies?  What is your favorite tip they shared?  Let them know what you liked by leaving a message below.  

And are you a Red Haute Mama with a story to share?  I’d love to hear from you.  Email me your before and after photos at along with a brief note about your story.


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