Recently asked me what 1 beauty product changed my life. Want to know what it is? Read it here:


Bloggers Reveal: The Beauty Product That Changed My Life

And the fabulous makeup artist who turned me onto this amazing product?  Diane Aiello

Thank you for saying that Red Haute Mama, Kirin Christianson is one of “our favorite beauty and style gurus.”  The love is mutual!



About Kirin

Kirin Christianson+, is the founder of Red Haute Mama, an online community to provide expertise in 'all things glam.' From toes to tresses, no nook goes uncovered without examination. Red Haute Mama steers you toward the holy grail of glamor.

Growing up, Kirin didn’t have a lot, and everything was pretty ordinary - including her. On the outside she was an insecure, gangly, red-headed girl. But on the inside, she was a street-smart brainiac determined to make her way.

How did she do it? She took a long, hard look in the mirror. And there it was. Something wonderful - potential! So she turned that red hair to ravishing, whipped those freckles into creamy white skin, and traded in the Keds for kitten heels.
The result? Me-ow!

What happened next? What didn’t! She became a model for print and television, a trainer for runway, a business mogul and a mom! A red haute mom, that is.

That’s her story from red crayon to red lipstick. So come on girls - let’s start writing yours!


  1. cathy says:

    Omg kirin i heard about Face Atelier on You Tube from a vlogger

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