Help for Frizzy Hair

Thanks to Treasa, Alina, and April for requesting this topic. As a naturally curly hair girl myself, these are my 3 favorite tips to help you if your hair is curly, frizzy, kinky, or flyaway. As always, I love hearing from you. Please leave your comments below. Wishing you a fabulous day! Warmly, Kirin … [Read more...]

How to Look Like a Rock Star

How can you look like a star? It's easy, and you only have to do ONE thing. Yay! Always love hearing from you. Leave your comment below. Thanks! … [Read more...]

Do You Have a Muffin Top? I do!

Hi! So this is one of my favorite videos of all time....especially because I can relate to it. I think we can all relate to it!  Let's face it, after gaining a combined 115 pounds (for only 2 pregnancies!) a muffin top is just a part of my world.  And I just don't want to spend money on surgery to fix it. Thank goodness for Spanx!  Anyway, I hope this video makes you laugh out loud as much as it did for me.  If you like it, please leave your comment below. Enjoy! Kirin … [Read more...]

Cyber Monday

Okay, let's see a show of hands.  Raise your hand if you put everyone else 1st......Okay, now raise your hand if you've ever felt GUILTY buying something for yourself.  Uh-hmmm.  I thought so! You are not alone!  I do it too!  I don't even think twice when it comes to buying things for the kids.  Stuff for the house?  Done!  Hubby needs something?  Got it!  Groceries?  Check!  Clothing for everyone?  Yep! But what about YOU?  Over the last year, I've come to the realization that 1) Hello?  We need clothes too!  2) You DESERVE it! Now I'm not saying you need to go out right now and blow money you don't have on things you don't need.  I AM saying, that with all of the amazing deals out there for Cyber Monday, (and for the next 2 months) it's okay if you get 1 fabulous thing for's on SALE for crying out loud! Do you need permission?  Super.....I give you permission!  Here is of my favorite sites: - TONS of great designer clothing (if you input all of your measurements they will only select things that flatter AND FIT you!).  Cyber Monday = 50% off hundreds of things. Also check out,,, even  And my favorite shoes that are sold at Fredricks of Hollywood are currently 25% off AND FREE shipping!  Seriously, go stimulate the economy, bring peace and joy to your home, put a smile on your face, and buy yourself ONE fabulous thing. I'd love to hear from you!  Please share what 1 thing you bought (or are going to buy) for yourself.  Good luck! Warmly, Kirin … [Read more...]

How to Look Glam….and Casual

Recently I asked everyone on facebook (join the fun by clicking on the cute high heel below with the facebook "f" on it) - "What stumps you the most when it comes to being glam?" The most common question was how to look glam, without looking like you are trying to hard. Or how can you look glam when you are doing something casual, like going to the grocery store? So I answered these concerns in the short video below. Please leave your comments below. And enjoy! Warmly, Kirin … [Read more...]

3 Easy Ways to Get Gorgeous Skin

Okay.  So what happened?   You think you leave all the teenage drama, angst, and ..... pimples behind in your teen years.   Only to discover those pesky skin problems come back stronger than ever in your 30's and 40's.  F-U-N.  And when you have a poor complexion, it's hard for you to feel confident facing the world. It's not fun and you want to know what to do.  Here are a few of my favorite skin tricks.  Shhhhh!  These tips will be our little secret! TIP #1: Get your hormones balanced.  Sometimes something as simple as getting a new birth control prescription (whether you need it for contraceptive use or not) will make all the difference for you to have great looking skin.  Be sure to find a physician that specializes in hormones.  Not all doctors have equal training in this area.  Find a good one.  They are worth it! TIP#2: Try products with "Active Ingredients." Under your physician's recommendation, try Retin A, or products with Glycolic acid.  You can even purchase some of these products from the drug store. TIP#3: Drink veggie juice. This one sounds crazy, but honestly, I've been drinking one of these a day, and my skin is GLOWING!  And I'm not pregnant!  Haa!  You are what you eat.  And don't even try to deny the truth about that! Here is a video of how to make the veggies shakes I've been drinking.  Even though the advice is not coming from a mom, at least the guy giving the advice is cute.  ;)  And these shakes are so good, even my kids will drink it. Enjoy!  And feel free to share some of your favorite skin tips below.  Wishing you a beautiful day. Warmly, Kirin … [Read more...]

Quote of the Day

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. ~Lucille Ball~ … [Read more...]

Does Your Hair Length Make You Look Old?

Want a quick and easy tip to see how to get your hair longer?  Watch the video to see how I'm cheating to get longer hair.  Shhhh!  It'll be our secret!  ;-) Does Your Hairstyle Make You Look Old? As always, it's fabulous to hear your insight.  What do you think?  Comment below! Wishing you a fabulous day! Warmly, Kirin … [Read more...]

4 Things For Your Glam Mom Closet

I get so passionate about what you need to look and feel amorous, glamorous, and flat out fabulous!  I've had several requests for what is really needed in your closet.  And truthfully, you can have tons of things.  (Hey, the more options the better, right ladies?)  But I feel that every Haute Mama needs only 4 basics in her wardrobe.  **Hint:  A little black dress is NOT one of the things you need!  Surprised?  Watch the video to see what the 4 things are. Pardon my French at the beginning. Are you missing any of these things?  Want to share your thoughts?  I'd love to hear your opinions!  Leave a comment below. Wishing you a fabulous day! Warmly, Kirin … [Read more...]