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Tiffany HendraTiffany Hendra – Sanctuary of Style

A couple of years ago I was in Hollywood filming a video series and I invited a girlfriend to dinner.  She asked if she could invite a friend she thought I’d enjoy meeting.  That’s how I met the GORGEOUS and spiritual Tiffany Hendra!  We bonded over kale salad, inspiring women, and our love of our superstar husbands.  (Although her hubby IS an actual SUPERSTAR!  His new album releases soon  And check out how cute he is….AND he has a super-sexy Australian accent!)

She may look like a goddess, but since she is human of course everything hasn’t always been perfect for her.  Let’s find out more about this bold beauty and WHY she now has such a charmed life….


Websites:   Sanctuary of Style

Areas of expertise:

  • TV Host
  • Model/Actress
  • Beauty & Style Expert
  • Lifestyle Coach

Years experience: 20 yrs

Tiffany Hendra ModelList your biggest professional achievements:

  • Spokesmodel for several companies like Ford Thunderbird, JC Penney, Gottschalks Department Store, Foster Grant, Bollinger Fitness, Otomix Fitness Wear and more
  • Role of sexy spy operative in the first season of NBC’s Spy TV
  • Host of VH1′s edgy talk show, The Girlie Show
  • Co-host of Comedy Central’s Beat The Geeks
  • Hand-selected by Kelsey Grammer to host the Spike TV talk show, Girls To Girls Hosted my own segment on the men’s talk show, The X Show on FX Network
  • One of 20 finalists out of thousands for Oprah’s OWN network competition show, Your Own Show
  • Blogger chosen for the Laughing Cow Life Well Laughed Campaign:

How did you get started?:

At age 14, I began modeling professionally in my hometown of Houston, TX which led to traveling and working internationally. This was a dream come true because I wanted to leave my small town and see the world! Then, while modeling in Milan, Italy – I caught the acting bug after booking a commercial there. Took off to Los Angeles in 1999.

Working with TeensWhy do you do what you do?  What motivates you?:

During my teen years, I experienced traumatic situations from racial bullying to sexual abuse. It devastated my self-worth, confidence and self-esteem! Despite my successful career, I was miserable and wore a mask to hide my pain. After a long journey of healing, I found my mission and calling in life to guide, inspire and empower other young women to overcome their past issues and move forward in living a healthy, confident and stylish life.

What motivates me is that I do not want hurting young women to live in misery as long as I did. They deserve the positive guidance and reinforcement they may not receive at home, at school or from their community. With the media constantly bombarding us with negativity, today’s teens and young women have much more of a challenge with their self- esteem. As women, we are responsible to be strong role models and to remember that the young women of today are the mothers of our future. Our actions and example can very well alter the course of the next generation. I started my life in a trailer park, but that doesn’t mean that’s where I had to stay. No girl does.

I chose to create Sanctuary Of Style to be a powerful and positive media force for building a woman’s confidence!

What is your favorite beauty secret?:

It’s so hard to name just one, but a game-changer for me was when I started drinking a big glass of lemon water right when I woke up. It cleanses the toxins that accumulate during sleep and hydrates & energizes your body, therefore, giving your skin a glow and that added sparkle in your eye.


About Kirin

Kirin Christianson+, is the founder of Red Haute Mama, an online community to provide expertise in 'all things glam.' From toes to tresses, no nook goes uncovered without examination. Red Haute Mama steers you toward the holy grail of glamor.

Growing up, Kirin didn’t have a lot, and everything was pretty ordinary - including her. On the outside she was an insecure, gangly, red-headed girl. But on the inside, she was a street-smart brainiac determined to make her way.

How did she do it? She took a long, hard look in the mirror. And there it was. Something wonderful - potential! So she turned that red hair to ravishing, whipped those freckles into creamy white skin, and traded in the Keds for kitten heels.
The result? Me-ow!

What happened next? What didn’t! She became a model for print and television, a trainer for runway, a business mogul and a mom! A red haute mom, that is.

That’s her story from red crayon to red lipstick. So come on girls - let’s start writing yours!


  1. Tiff says:

    Thank you Kirin for the opportunity to share part of my story on RHM! Thank you for all the love & beauty you add to this world. You are a true World Changing Woman!

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