Top 5 Travel Tips – JJ Virgin

Top 5 Travel Tips – JJ Virgin

I will make this simple and sweet.  I freakin’ LOVE JJ Virgin!  She has changed my body and I’m beyond thrilled with how I look after gaining and loosing 115 pounds with my two pregnancies.  

But traveling is always the hardest for me to stay on track.  Partially because I order naughty things.  Partially because there aren’t always good options when going out to eat.  And partially because there isn’t a restaurant in sight for hours at a time, so I grab the first thing I can find.

JJ offers you some great tips so you can stay healthy and look – and FEEL your best when you are traveling.  HINT – using these tips with your kids will help them stay happy too – no more cranky kids, LOL!

Here is the link to her Top 5 Travel Tips Video –


Again, I can’t say enough great things about JJ and about how she transformed my body after children.

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