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“Hey Haute Stuff!”  When you discover products and services that deliver Red Haute results, then you can’t keep it a secret, right?  You simply MUST share them with everyone – with permission of course!  So here are a few of Red Haute Mama’s favorite go-to products that you will love as much as she does.  Red Haute Mama, Kirin Christianson says, “I currently use or have tried EVERYTHING on this list.  You have my word that only things I consider the BEST OF THE BEST are here.”


4x4 WorkoutThe “I’m Too Busy to Workout” Workouts –  JJ Virgin 4×4 Workouts

     – When you are too busy to workout, these DVD’s give you the maximum results in the minimum amount of time.  4 exercises in 15 minutes.  You’ll feel as though you’ve gotten a full 60 minute workout, AND your body will LOOK like you’ve gotten a 60 minute workout.  This is great as an adjunct to your regular workout or simply a great way to get some exercise in – guilt free.


The Virgin DietThe “I Want to Look Smokin’ Haute Without Starving” Diet –  The Virgin Diet Challenge

– When you want to look fabulous, drop weight easily and quickly – all the while eating HEALTHY and TONS of food, then this is the diet for you.
Kirin, aka Red Haute Mama:  “I used to eat what I thought were healthy foods every day and I weighed 15 pounds more and looked like I was pregnant due to constant bloating.  For over 3 years I’ve been eating the way JJ Virgin told me (and eating LOTS of it) and am still 15 pounds lighter, signed with FORD/RBA Models in Scottsdale, Arizona, AND was a Mrs. America semi-finalist (who was CONFIDENT during the swimsuit portion).  This is the way my family and I love to eat.  If JJ would let me, I’d kiss her all day long for helping me achieve my dreams, while gaining more energy to be an active wife and mom…..and have to go to the gym less often!”


Thorne - Chocolate Protein ShakeThe “I Want an Easy Breakfast & Allergy Free Protein Shake That Isn’t Going to Make me Toot All Day Long” – Thorne Chocolate (From Dr. Alan Christianson’s Clinic – He’s Mr/DR. Red Haute Mama!)

– And if you’re going to drink a healthy protein shake you might as well have it taste like chocolate!  Add to almond or coconut milk, some spinach, chia seeds and blueberries and blend until smooth….and you’ll start your day with a yummy, fast, and filling breakfast that takes all of 60 seconds to make.  No time for breakfast?  Not anymore!



Fashion by Robert BlackThe “I Want to Stand Out and Turn Heads – While Wearing FLATTERING One-of-a-Kind Pieces” Fashion –  Fashion by Robert Black

– When it comes to standing out in a crowd, there is nothing that is more beautiful than a woman who has her own sense of style.  Don’t you hate it when you see your dress or jacket on someone else?  That’s when shopping for vintage clothes comes into play.  These aren’t your Grandmas clothes….er, well actually they ARE your Grandmother’s clothes.  But the gorgeous items at Fashion by Robert Black are Grandma’s clothes when Grandma was HAUTE stuff!  There are only a few stores in the country that have some of the most beautiful vintage styles….and THIS particular store has them at the best price point.


The Perfect FaceThe “I Want to Learn How the Beauty Queens Apply Their Makeup so I Can Look Like a Beauty Queen Too – The Perfect Face

 – Texas Beauty Queen Maker, Danielle Doyle helps pageant girls look their prettiest on-stage.  If you have an event where you are on stage and you don’t have access to a makeup artist, then this how-to DVD will be a huge help for you.



Face This - Book by Shelley GoodsteinThe “I Want to Look Great in Photos.  How The Heck am I Supposed to Stand??” – Shelley Goodstein’s Book, Face This

– FORD Model and age defying Red Haute Mama Shelley Goodstein shares her best secrets on how to pose so you look beautiful in every photo.  She also shares some of the tips and tricks models use to look beautiful – even when it looks like they aren’t trying.



Stefani Somers EarringsThe “I Want Red-Carpet-Worthy Earrings” – Stefanie Somers

– This Texas superstar has adorned the ears of pretty much every beauty queen you’ve ever seen or heard of.  Her styles are fun, unique, and oh-so glamorous.  The best part is you can look like you belong on the red carpet without ever having to compete in the swimsuit competition!  You can have her custom create something just for you, or you can buy something fabulous she has already created.



Kendra Scott JewelryThe “I Want Fabulous Jewelry for Everyday” – Kendra Scott

– Kendra Scott creates some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry – with the most gorgeous BOLD colors.   She even has a color bar where YOU can choose your earring style, and they will add the stone color of your choice right then and there.  Love it!

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