1. Cynthia Bailey MD
    January 22, 2012 @

    This video is fantastic! Kids, teens and adults feel inadequate next to these images. They don’t expect that the images are large part fiction thanks to photographic trickery. There’s still a belief that if it’s in the media there’s a large part of truth to it. For example, teens come into my dermatology office wanting ‘all there moles removed’ because models in magazines have perfect skin etc. Before they come to see me they’ve spent plenty of painful time disliking their skin for having moles when they look in the mirror. The more we talk about the sad deception of celebrity beauty the less we’ll fall for it – and we’ll stop beating ourselves up for not meeting these beauty standards in real life.


    • Kirin
      January 24, 2012 @

      So the more we can get this message out to the teens, the better off we are!


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